Just as Eurobike was winding up, the kids at Launch Components pulled us aside for a sneak peek at their new direct mount and Hot Twin two piece stems.

The latter, shown in the top left, is available now with one half in Black, and a Blue, Gold, Orange or Silver twin. Full details on that further down. The really new one, which isn’t out yet, is the two piece direct mount stem built for OS bars (possibly 35mm). The bar clamping areas flare out to provide a wide base, but the design itself is very minimal. Drop in for pics…


Beveled bolt holes recess the heads for a flush, super clean appearance.


Bar clamp is on the bottom front, all but invisible from the cockpit. Details are pretty sparse other than what’s detailed here, just know it’s in development. Those techy looking pedals were chronicled here.


The Hot Twins stem retails for £54.99. It’s designed around a 1-1/8″ steerer and 31.8 handlebar for DJ/AM/DH use. Weight is about 180g with all hardware. Like the prototype above it, the bar clamp area is set wide to improve overall stiffness.

Specs are: 45mm length / 25mm rise (5.4º) / 35mm stack height. Check ’em out at


  1. Not bad bits of kit. Although the steerer-tube clamp on the direct-mount stem looks a little knee-unfriendly. Why not spin that clamp around 180 degrees and tuck it away underneath the bar, then it would look cleaner and no sharp edges to smoosh your knees into!

  2. You don’t need a steer tube clamp on a direct mount stem at all (thats why its direct mount). Its just there for demonstration purposes I imagine.

    More odd is that there is no split bar clamp. Stiffer I guess, but buck the trend.

  3. The steerer-tube clamp is just a base on which the stem bolts on, to show to the public. It is replaced by the top crown on your DM compatible fork 🙂

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