You’ll recall our coverage of the new K-EDGE Quarter-20 mounts. And you may be sold on K-EDGE after our factory tour and the increased video quality allowed by the GO BIG mounts in all their Made-In-Boise-USA, CNC machined 6061, lifetime guaranteed, gleaming glory.

Well, now the Quarter-20 mounts have hit the market and, not coincidentally, so has the new Garmin VIRB that we showed you at InterBike (and here). But if you want the K-EDGE “edge” for the VIRB you’d better read on…


The long and short of it – the Garmin VIRB’s proprietary mount is accompanied by only a GoPro-compatible-mount adapter. So, before you rush out to buy your K-EDGE, know your options:

  • Buy K-EDGE’s GO BIG mount for GoPro (and now Garmin)

-or if you already have a “Quarter-20” mount

  • Buy either K-EDGE’s adapter ($30) or Garmin’s adapter ($7) that will fit your Virb to any “Quarter-20” mount (i.e., the standard tripod 1/4”-20 threaded mount)



…and now you know.


  1. hermies,

    Quite a few use them on their bikes, especially for commuting.

    However these aren’t just for road bikes, I use several of them on my mountain bikes and get great quality footage.

  2. It seems the bar clamp could be rotated forward 70 – 90 degrees and the camera could still be positioned level, bring the stack height down by quite a bit (2-3cm).

    Good clamp, poor execution.

  3. Great feedback here. Steven- is Kluge a good thing? just kidding, sort of- but the point of the article is “it’s a GoPro mount that also works for Garmin’s Virb” (so it’s not like the mount had the option of how to attach to the Garmin). nick_outdoors, you are exactly right. Rotating this K-EDGE mount 90 degrees forward would put the Virb nice and low. That’s how we run it here for the EDGE. We were simply trying to show the product (K-EDGE Mount) with this photo and the correct position was awkward for showcasing the mount. M.D.- It’s a closeup photo of a 24 gram mount. Steven- I thought so too, until I saw the Virb in person. You may want to wait until then for final judgement. hermies- you’d be extremely surprised, but as Gaz states it’s commuters, mountain bikers (and racers) who seem to love them.

    Great reading all your comments. Keep em coming!

  4. What is the black adaptor between the VIRB and the K-edge in photo 2? A link would be handy. I can’t find it by googling.

  5. Would really like to know what mount is used to connect the Virb to the K-Edge. I’ve got both and cannot find a mount that will fit both sides.

  6. What mount is used between the Garmin and the K-Edge mount. I’ve got both and cannot find a mount that matches this.

  7. Glen, the mount you are looking for should have come with the garmin. I just got one and the mount you are looking for was in with the other mounts. Hope this helps.

  8. Have ordered a K-EDGE GO BIG Pro 1/4-20 Universal Camera Handlebar/Saddle Mount
    From Amazon to mount a Virb. Will I need any additional adapters to mount Virb to handlebar other than what’s included with virb?

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