hayes-disc-brake-leak-proof-warrantyStarting November 1, any hydraulic Hayes disc brake purchased from a legit retailer as an aftermarket kit or spec’d on a complete bike will come with a lifetime warranty against leaks. Not that we’ve experienced any problems with the sets we’ve ridden and tested, but a little extra peace of mind never hurts.

And for any brakes that do need servicing, they say it’s only about a two day turnaround from the time the brakes are received at Hayes until they’re on their way back to you. Full PR continues below…

PRESS RELEASE: Any hydraulic, Hayes Disc Brake purchased through Hayes distributor partners or on a complete bicycle after November 1, 2013 will include a lifetime leakproof warranty. For several years, Hayes has included their Lifetime Leakproof Warranty only on the Dyno series of brakes. “Customer support has always been the priority here at Hayes, so extending this program is a natural decision,” said Eric Schutt, Hayes Disc Brake Product Manager.

“We feel our products are among the most reliable and durable in the industry,” said Darren Campbell, VP/GM of Hayes Bicycle Group.  “Ideally customers don’t have any issues in the first place.  Inevitably things happen, and when they do, our priority becomes taking care of our customers with quick and effective service.  Our response and service times are among the quickest in the industry.  This lifetime leakproof warranty will further improve the service experience and make it easy to choose Hayes Disc Brakes.  This warranty will also help our distribution partners and dealers around the world sell the value and service support of Hayes Disc Brakes.”

Delivering robust product backed by the industry’s best service is the top priority for all Hayes Components products. Riders needing service can expect a 48 hour service turnaround on all products from their Mequon, Wisconsin headquarters. In Europe, Hayes supports product with best in class service via their Technical Service headquarters in Munich, in addition to their global distributor network of over 80 service centers around the world.


  1. Hayes makes great brakes but nobody seems to ride with them anymore now that Shimano is easy, light, available and performs better than anything else. Tough to compete with that.

  2. i think Hayes earned a bad rep in the mid 2000’s, and it’s still sticking. It’s a shame, because their current brakes are phenomenal. i have bikes with current gen xt, xo, and prime. The primes are the best of the three, havinf great lever feel and never pumping up or fading on long decsents.

  3. Original Hayes Mags were one of the most reliable brakes ever produced. They only had a bad wrap for poor modulation compared to a magura of the same era. However the Magura’s and Hopes needed a lot of maintenance to keep them nice. Hayes just kept going. I know plenty of folks with 10 year old hayes brakes running the original internals with only a couple of bleeds over the years. I have some stroker trails from about 2009/2008 still going strong, Never Bled and just rode them last night after they were hanging for a year. They lack the modulation and feel of my shimano XT brakes but they just plain work! Had some bad experience with El Camino and early Stroker ACE brakes. Other then that Hayes would be on my radar If I needed another set of brakes. The Primes are looking nice and I really like the way the lever’s feel in your hands.

  4. What about Hayes’ rotors? It seems like no one has done nearly as much as Shimano has to innovate by making rotors (and pads) which stay cool. The first Ice-Techs are good, and the new sandwich-y XTR ones look like they’ll be even better.

  5. Been rocking a pair of Stroker Aces for almost 2 years now. They required only 1 bleed 6 months ago when i was changing the pads (even though hile having air in the system, they still stopped me without problem). Superb brakes, super stronge, very reliable.
    Kinda wonder when Hayes would do a Prime ACE brake and what exactly would it be. 🙂

  6. funny… comparing for example the cheap shimanos with some hayes found on trek bikes… it’s a shame… even the cheapest shimanos are simple, and positive. Hayes just s*ck and shouldn’t exist on any bike. I feel shame selling a bike with Hayes, servicing a bike with hayes sending a warranty complaint to the company and lifetime warranty won’t change a thing

  7. Are leaking brakes really a problem? I’ve never experienced any leaks (or any problem for that matter) on the Magura and Shimano brakes that I’ve used over the years.

  8. @Tim, Shimano talks big about all of it’s IceTech stuff, but my XTs still pump up on long descents, a problem I don’t have with either Hayes or Avid. Personally, I think Shimano requires the IceTech to counteract their decision to use mineral oil instead of DOT. DOT brakes like Hayes don’t need all that mumbo jumbo, because the fluid is less susceptible to expansion and boiling in the first place.

  9. Hayes levers and calipers ARE super reliable. Unfortunately (as I have run into when processing a warranty on Dyno’s), this does not cover the brake hose which tends to be the weakest link in the system. It also will not cover contaminated rotors/pads when the hose leaks hydraulic fluid on them.

    Based on a one time experience, this is how the Hayes warranty rep explained it to me.. correct me if I’m wrong!

  10. @duder- thanks for the information, it is useful to know- I always am the one looking at the one-star reviews on Amazon.
    I do have to ask some questions:
    What size rotor do you use? Are you heavy? What grade descents do you ride and for how long?
    Fluid boiling is not the only factor in braking power on long, high speed descents- if the pads and rotor get hot, that also degrades performance, right? (Which would mean the Ice-Tech rotors should help, as they keep cool)

  11. All 2013 Hayes brakes on bikes we have sold have failed. leak leak leak. With no distro in Australia we are without any help. We have replaced these brakes with shimano off our own back. Needless to say we don’t actively push hayes brakes! Emails to hayes direct have gone unanswered. Damn.

  12. I had some El Camino on my bike for about a year and a half and both pistons seals went bad. The LBS wanted 30 for parts and 50 for rebuilt on each brake. It made more sense to get some SLX M675 for that price from Bluesky.

    Don’t get me wrong, I knew that during those years if you bought anything from the Hayes Group, you were going t get bent over.

    I’m glad that they came a long way since then.

  13. I really never understood the crap people give Hayes. Hayes brought disc brakes to the masses. Sure they were slower to change their product line and lighten their system like the early Maguras and Hopes, but for those of us who seek out really rocky, technical descents Hayes brakes are absolutely reliable. And I love how I can always get parts for Hayes. My Shimano hydraulics worked really well until the last third of a long descent. Then they lost all feel and rubbed constantly.

    I still have Hayes Mags from 2002 or 2003 on my Turner. I’ve crashed them and abused them over the years. Yes, I’ve replaced parts…I’ve rebuilt calipers and changed pads and even rebuilt the master cylinder (they are very simple to work on.) The point is they still work and work well. You modulate with your hand. I want the brake to stop the wheel when I pull on the lever.

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