As mentioned in our review of the Budnitz No. 3, all frames constructed under the Budnitz name comply with the EU mountain bike standards.  So, obviously, the next model to introduce would be a trail ready machine.  Meet the No. 2M .

The new No.2M comes in a steel or titanium version.  It makes use of a 650B wheelset. Up front the ti fork found on other models is replaced with a rigid carbon affair from White Brothers.  The Gates Carbon belt drive comes configured as a single speed, but an option for a Rohloff 14-speed internally geared hub is present.  Avid BB7 mechanical brakes are specced, but Avid X0 hydraulics can be had.  We are told that a ti single speed build weighs in at 18lbs.  A stock steel version starts at $2600.  Go with a ti frame and tack on the fancy options and you can quickly get north of $7000.

Want one?  You can order it here.  If you are feeling lucky however, you can stay tuned to Bikerumor as we will be working with Budnitz Bicycles to give away one of these baby’s (in BikeRumor Orange) this month.  Details coming soon.

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  1. cool turning a commuter into a mountain bike, its like taking a specialized sirrus and turning it into a drop bar cross bike. im sure its nice, but if its for mtb, why not put some hydro brakes on it and maybe not use that huge chainring and the huge cog on the wheel for some more cleanance.

    I suppose a single speed mountain bike is the next logical step for hipster who wants to do more that skid a fixie and deliver packages in a city.

  2. “this bicycle is a lightening fast dirt and gravel assault vehicle that flies over ruts, roots, and rocks as if it had a shock absorber built into it — without the power loss and extra weight of actually having one.”
    Budnitz and Ellsworth should have a BS off.

  3. creaky, hipster, dentist, etc, etc.

    A steel SS with cable discs for $2600? Pretty sure Nashbar can hook you up for under $1000.

  4. He seriously needs someone like Sky Yaeger (sp?) to school him (or whomever does the actual spec on bikes with his name) on realistic component spec. The 53-30 gear combo (or whatever giant size it actually is) has no place outside the Kamakazie, and I fear for the life of anybody who takes this thing (especially with cable discs (Shimano Deore at least)) down that.

    I guess everybody has a different idea of trail, but when I see “trail ready” this would be pretty far down the list of bikes that come to mind.

  5. I don´t see the point of buying to a company who have stolen a design, produce it overseas and sells with premium price tags. Ohh there is a famous designer involved… . Seriously he isn´t doing anything else than money with cycling.

  6. Please lets not sully Sky’s good name with Budnitz, she represents all that is real in cycling, Budnitz represents all that is ‘trustafarian’ in cycling.

  7. Good to see BikeRumor continues in its campaign of discernment and BS-detection with this entry praising yet another Budnitz “game-changer”.

    Imagine how much better this bike would be if Budnitz had attended Harvard, rather than Yale.

    Remember, if you have an impressive diploma, that’s all you need to design some of the world’s finest bikes with some of the world’s biggest price tags. “Yale graduate Paul Budnitz only charges $500,000 for his exclusive one-of-a-kind NinerCross650Bmuter, which can be run with gears, as singlespeed, or as a fixie and which accepts at least 25 different types of saddles.”

    The Sharper Image called. They’re officially jealous.

  8. Everything Diego said, plus he’ll charge you full retail or worse for options/accessories!
    I hope Bikerumor is getting paid well to peddle this crap.
    Budnitz certainly has the margins to pay given the price tag.

    I’d also seriously doubt that weight claim with those parts.

  9. Great work utilizing the belt drive and the possible future option of a 14-speed internal hub. Not sure how much weight the internal variable speed hub would add. If the hub is automatic it should keep the clean minimalist look but give you the much needed gearing for big hills and optimizing longer rides.

    I have borrowed a single speed while in Seattle a couple times and its definitely a purist / hippy experience. It was cool for a little while on the street until I started going up and down hills and the really big hills forget about it. I would never buy one especially to MTN bike on. Even on light trail rides it would just plain suck. The vibration would erode my joints and cause my hands and arms to fatigue quickly. Not having gears would not give me the ability to explore all the great variety trails and areas I currently ride now. With all the great suspension tech we have a available to us now there is no excuse except for $$$ it costs and as they say north of $7000 for a titanium frame version with some options, ouch! You can buy some really light full suspension full geared MTN bikes that ride like a dream off road for well under $7K!

  10. For $7K you could have a custom ti BlackSheep with a suspension fork and XT. But wait there’s more, you get a frame hand made by the guys Budnitz ripped off.

  11. Nashbar’s steel 650b single speed is currently $500, so Budnitz wants $2k for a carbon fork, nicer brakes and hipster cachet. I think I’ll keep my 5 year old Trek Fuel EX8 and spend my money on riding.

  12. “Oh no, a Budnitz bike! I’d better waste no time being the 9342nd person to point out that they are expensive and to completely fail to grasp the concept of a luxury good.”

    – Those dudes ^^. Every time.

  13. we arent against luxury goods, you nincompoop. we are against designbro hacks like budnitz that steal designs and crank out bullsh*t trust fund townies.

    bikerumor, give it up. every time you post about budnitz, you lose what little credibility you have left.

  14. [deleted]
    I think it looks great and would be a pleasure to ride. It isn’t going to compete with the “enduro” crowd, but it isn’t meant to do that. Twisty flowing dirt path through the woods would be ideal. If you want to give one away, I’m in!

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