Fancy yourself a mini Spartacus? Even if you have no delusions of grandeur but have been waiting to get your hands on Cancellara’s bike, now might be your chance. First unveiled at the 2012 Ronde van Vlaanderen, Fabian’s Trek Domane wasn’t your off the shelf bike. Instead the Trek Race Shop turned out a custom version of the road bike built for comfort and made it as fast as possible while still maintaining the cobble smoothing ride. The wheel base is longer, the head tube is shorter, and it even has a one piece steel derailleur hanger/dropout for improved shift precision over the roughest roads imaginable.

Previously a pro-only option, Trek just made the Race Shop Limited Domane Classics Edition available to the masses. Speed past the break for more.


While the standard Domane is built for a more upright, comfort first ride, the Trek Race Shop Limited Domane Classics Edition is all about going fast. You won’t find any of the fender mounts on this bike – think of it as a Madone built for rough roads. Trek’s Road Brand Manager Michael Mayer is quoted as saying, “This is a bike that riders have asked us about since we first unveiled the bike in 2012 and it’s really exciting to be able to offer it as a custom option with Project One. It’s a combination of the two ride qualities all cyclists covet; speed and a smooth ride. Add the millions of options Project One offers and you have an almost perfect bike. For the right rider, this bike is going to be the only bike they’ll ever want to ride again.”

A race geometry bike with IsoSpeed certainly won’t be for everybody, but for those who want it, it should be a welcome sight.


Domane_Classics_3 Domane_Classics_5

The frame is built with extra tire clearance for running fat rubber so if you can squeeze it through the brake it will fit. Other than the custom Pro Endurance geometry and other small touches, the Domane is most the same with a tapered head tube and the IsoSpeed seat tube decoupler which allows a tremendous amount of seat tube flex to smooth out the ride.

The Trek Race Shop Limited Domane Classics Edition will only be available as a complete though Trek’s Project One, with the Team replica retailing for $11,519.98. But, since it is Project One it appears that you have the chance to customize it which should allow the price to drop below $5,000 depending on your component and paint selection. Currently available in 54-62cm frames, each bike is hand built at Trek’s Waterloo headquarters.


  1. Now Lance Armstrong is calling out John Burke from Trek with his interview at Cyclingnews!

    “DB: I ask because how many of those sponsors stayed with you? John Burke, who made money at Trek from your success, won’t talk to us. That’s just an example. Where are they now?

    LA: I don’t know. They’re onto the next thing. But I accept responsibility for that. Do I wish there had been a different situation where some of us has stayed together to try and rebuild and help? Of course. But I have to be responsible for my mistakes. They’re gone, every one of them.”

    Either way, it looks like Trek put together a nice bike that will still do nothing to polish their tarnished reputation as a company and as a brand.

    Full link to interview:

  2. This is actually the version of the Domane that I wish had been available at retail originally. I don’t know why the standard Domane is as upright as an armchair.

  3. @Dyno-mite!, you mean the idea the Lemond brand took from Cervelo? If anything, these are closer to the SPA bikes than the Min/Max bikes. Neither of which is nearly as innovative or functional as these.

  4. No thanks. I don’t like it. Not for me. And I don’t like the direction that John Burke took the company and his political involvement back in the lat 90s, early to mid 2000s. But about this bike. It’s not a game changer. Neither is the company.

  5. @Ajax. You obviously haven’t ridden the bike for more that 5 minutes if at all. I work at a multi brand dealer that deals all of the big 3. This is, by far, more comfortable in the saddle than any bike I’ve ridden. After a season on a 5 series Domane, I tried a standard carbon bike and vowed never to go back.

    Absolute game changer.

  6. SOO, pretty soon they will go from Bio Pace to Round Tec! Dang I am so tired of the gimicks in the industry, pretty soon 32c folds on Firecrest with 20mm of travel, full disc brakes on road bikes will be all the rage. Is this decoupler Mac compatible to change the speed at which it ISOlates the speed at which it will fail! I agree with Ajax and Dyno Mite. Go Cervelo!

  7. @Zap – I’d hardly say that he’s “calling out” Burke. It basically sounds like Lance was disappointed with, but not surprised, by Trek’s actions. He strikes a tone of understanding and politeness. Remember, Lance made a lot of money from Trek, too.

    What’s with people who see this as Cervelo vs. the world? You guys do realize that they’re just another bike company owned by a giant sporting goods corporation, right? There’s no supermagic in their bikes. Grow up, and get an identity outside of brand loyalty.

  8. cervelo has the worst QC possible for the amount of bikes. shop i work at warranty’d almost 10% of their frames this season. carbon collapse, bottom brackets not aligned & destroying bearings/cranks, creaks galore, headsets not tightening properly. junk bikes.

  9. totally agree with lou and bk, but also curious about the actual geo data compared to the stock frames. pro’s have their bars low, you know 🙂

    great that trek acknowledges the “demand” (because very small, i guess) from racers

    for the critics: that decoupler thingy is the smartest engineered solution i’ve seen lately to make road bikes more comfortable in the saddle, yet stiff in the core. and no, i don’t buy the marketing bla bla, but look at this as mech engineer

    can’t wait to hammer the cobbles of roubaix on it, next years april

  10. This bike is AWESOME! I was able to get my hands on one a few months ago and I absolutely love it. It’s much more relaxed compared to the Madone 7 and 6 series but yet has race geometry which I am used to. I love this bike for the longer rides. It is more flexible in the seat tube so it’s not suited for CRIT racing but it IS suited for road racing!

  11. I love it, not that it’s for me, but I like the direction. It’s too bad Trek totally skipped over a standard H1 Domane.

    Reading the geometry charts at, I noticed that the fork has a bit more offset than the standard build, resulting in a half-centimeter less trail. This is just the ticket for snaking through the cobbles and mud.

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