Topeak PrepBox premium bicycle tool kit

While Topeak’s PrepStation remains their gawd-I-wish-I-had-that halo product, the new PrepBox brings the mobile premium bicycle tool kit within most of our reach.

Featuring a ballistic looking case, it comes with 18 tools, which doesn’t sound like a lot for the $299 asking price. But these are the items that are more relevant for modern bikes, not just an assortment of flexy cone wrenches and generic screwdrivers. It stocks what you need to travel with, fix emergencies and allow for a pretty good amount of basic repairs. No bottom bracket tools, but other than that, you can remove or install just about any component with what’s on hand…

Topeak PrepBox premium bicycle tool kit

Everything’s held firmly in place with thick, shaped foam. The major items include cable cutters, chain breaker, pedal wrench, chain whip, various crank installation/extraction tools, tire lever, cleaning brush, double ended screwdriver bits with large handle, torque wrench and a few other goodies.

Topeak PrepBox premium bicycle tool kit

A complete range of Torx and Allen wrenches is a nice addition.

Topeak PrepBox premium bicycle tool kit

Mesh covers stretch over the tools and hold things in place when opening and closing it.

Topeak PrepBox premium bicycle tool kit

External pouch lets you add any other tools or bits your particular bike may need.

Available spring 2014.

Topeak PrepStand bicycle workstand tool trays

For their PrepStand, they’re offering new clamp on platforms that hold some of the formed trays from the PrepStation. As a bonus, they’ll fit most any work stand. Two models -a basic one with a foam bed and a tool tray with a split lid and plastic dividers- retail from $20 to $35.

Underneath those two is their original tool tray with fixed compartments and side holes for slotting allen wrenches, etc., into. They’re stackable, and they swivel on the stand so you can move them around for easy access or to get them out of the way.


  1. Those stands are very good, we have had one at our shop for many years and it still works perfectly.

    Not sure if something can be “ballistic” looking (ballistic refers to the flight properties of an object IIRC), but it looks like a great, tough tool kit.

  2. I’ve looked for the perfect tool kit forever it seems, and come to this conclusion: There isn’t one.

    Everyone uses slightly different things regularly, and what would really get me excited would be something I could design and buy online with some kind of easily configurable box.

    Park, Topeak, Lezyne, are you listening? Give me a web based drag and drop tool box creator that let me pick a size of a box and tools that would fit in it and organize them into something made for purpose. Tell me the weight estimated, and cost, and I would play with it for hours before ultimately spending too much money.

  3. Excuse me but I do use cone wrenches, and the oldest bike in my garage is from 2006. On the other hand the only Torx bits I need are T25 for brake rotors and T7 for Avid bleed screws so this kit misses some realities.

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