After showing the new S3 at Interbike, Cervelo introduced a bike we didn’t see coming with the all new S2. While it looks very similar to the S3, the S2 uses the same frame as the S3 but with a different fork – designed to be more economical and developed specifically for the bike. The result is a bike that offers much of the performance of the S3, but at a price that’s within reach of more riders. As a result of Cervelo’s shift from model years, the formal introduction of the new S2 means it’s in stock, ready for purchase as we speak.

The formal launch of the S3 and R3 will be down the road when they are available as well, but for now you can check out the new S2 after the break!


Currently, the New S2 will be offered in one complete build aimed at squeezing out the most performance without breaking the bank. The Shimano 105/Tiagra equipped New S2 will retail for $2850 and will include Shimano R501 wheels. Improvements to the New S2 over the previous model include a new BBright bottom bracket with an FSA Gossamer BBright compact crank, and a new tapered head tube using their 1 1/8″ to 1 3/8″ standard each offering improved frame and fork stiffness. Other changes include a partial seat tube cutout that improves aerodynamics while still allowing for a 25mm tire. The seat post is new as well, now with a wedge style clamp instead of the traditional external clamp. Rear triangle design has been borrowed from the RCA with super thin seat stays for improved ride comfort and more compliance.

Rca-Detail-Dura-Ace-10-960x480-51e540a9-fc19-4d08-adca-e41a91713e18-0-960x480 Rca-Detail-Di2-cable-05-960x480-af43e7cc-2910-4699-84b3-23227ad3bade-0-960x480

The new S2 uses their “Future Proof” internal cable system that allows for both mechanical and electronic drivetrains which means instead of the cables entering into the frame just behind the headset on the top tube, they now enter on the sides of the down tube (pictures of cables above from another frame). Cervelo also includes their “built for bottles” design which uses a squared off downtube which causes the bottle to be an extension of the airfoil.

New S2 spec


S2 original

The previous S2 ($2800 complete, $2000 frame set) and S2 Black LE ($2800 complete with Shimano R501 wheels) are still listed on the website as dealers still have them in stock. Once they are gone, the new S2 will be the only bike offered in the line.


  1. The only thing Tiagra appears to be the cassette and chain. Shifters and derailleurs are 105. I ride Chorus with Veloce cassettes..because I’m smart and cheap!

  2. Apparently, a decent decoration is very very expensive to make. The only decent frame decoration is the Rca, which is 10.000$. These cheaper models have to be filled up with huge and extremely ugly decals. Either that of maybe low budget people just have no style?

    Shame on current bikes… Mr. Money is ruling and a billboard bike seems easier to sell, even though is ugly as hell.

  3. IMHO the old S2 looked way better. The seat tube cut out for the wheel looks bad on this bike and the paint doesn’t look too good

  4. This will be a nail in the coffen for Cervelo

    This target consumer will have no patience for the constant warranty issues this brand provides.

  5. Cervelo giving up on toptube entry shift cables? Too much drag? Or that it gets in the way of Garmin mounts? Would also like to see how that seat binder works. Back when I had a 2.5/3 (yes, warrantied) there were a lot of complaints about the S2 binder.

  6. I enjoy my daily BR readings on all cycling industry updates. But boy, please check and re-check your writing. The run-ons and grammatical errors diminish the professionalism this site (and your title as an editor) should bear. Keep up the good work on reporting though.

  7. 105-tiagra, gossamer crank and brakes, less aero house fork, side entry cables, 2850$? The new S2 frame might cost a bit more but last years better equipped r3 is 2600$ I am a long time fan of Cervelo and tech at a dealer, please stop cheaping out on parts consumer want pure groups and chains-cassettes are also important. By the way the S3 on the other hand is a really nice package for 1150$ more than S2 you get full ultegra 11(hope so), nice wheels, rotor crank, real brakes, fizik, 3t not oem, etc.

  8. The Blue/Black frameset is beautiful. If it came alone, I’d love to get one to replace my old aluminum Soloist. The combo of “aero enough” and “light enough” at the right price point is the holy grail of bike frames I think.

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