The Netherlands is one of the safest places to bike in the world but they’re not resting on their laurels yet. The country recently launched a CrashMob campaign entitled “I Want To See You” which incorporates dancing policeman, break-dancing, and the potential hazards of not being visible to motorists.

The campaign is targeted towards kids between the ages of 13-15 but only slightly more than half of Dutch cyclists under 25 use their lights at night. So please take their message to heart and make sure you stay visible on your commute tonight.

Via Osocio


  1. In my town it’s illegal to ride at night without front and rear lights. If you don’t have them and they catch you it’s a pretty big ticket. Also if you don’t have them and you get hit by a car it’s almost impossible to lay the blame on the car, since it’s law and all. Seems to be working out pretty well so far.

  2. I’m from the Netherlands and here it’s also illegal to ride without lights and you can get a ticket and fien for riding without lights.

    But we take prevention very seriously and rather give some good warnings and education before slapping fines. Works rather well. But it’s still difficult to educate the youths (weren’t we all young and reckless once?). That’s why we have these youth specific ads.

  3. The whole helmet debacle completely overshadows the issue of lights IMO. I have very little sympathy for any road user not using lights who comes to harm on a road at night.

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