Smith Optics ChromaPop PolarizedFrom the streets to the trails, Smith Optics has an arsenal of new high quality products to help you explore the world. For casual wear, their new ChromaPop lenses pictured above, help filter specific color wave intersections to make colors pop. The lenses are also polarized, have an anti-reflective coat, and a hydroleophobic coating to repel moisture and grease.

Head past the break to see the new the performance gear…

Smith Optics PivLocksIf you’ve ever struggled to swap out lenses on your performance shades, rejoice. To swap out the lenses on these Smith Pivloc Sunglasses, you just gently pull up on the sunglasses arm. This Pivlock technology is now available in a wide array of performance products.

The new Pivloc Overdrive sunglasses pictured above are available in two versions. The non-polarized sunglasses retail for $199, the polarized grey retail for $238. Each pair of sunglasses come in a case with three pairs of lenses – one for every light condition. Also included is a slim canvas slip on case for easy toting.

Smith Optics Eyeglasses Integration


All Smith products are designed to integrate with each other. For example, their sunglasses easily clip to a tapered ridge vent on their new Smith Optics Forefront Helmet (review here) for easy storage.

Check out their full product line here.


  1. The Pivlock OD seems like a cool way around the original design where (at least for the V90) stress cracks in the lens interface could occur in my experience. What kinda gets at me is most of Smith’s recent eyewear aesthetics looks a too little simple. Clean and very functional, but hardly distinctive. Call it snob factor, but I mean for $200 I’d want something that stands out a bit.

  2. i am usually a big fan of Ryder’s and Tifosi’s for lower priced sunglasses and Oakley for my race days, but after trying the Chromapop at the USA Pro Challenge and again at Interbike in super bright sun conditions, i was sold on this technology. everything was just so much more clear. not interested in any of the pivlock stuff right now since i have 5-10 pairs of shades, but if i had to add one more pair to my collection, it’s all about the Chromapop.

  3. uh….no….really?

    anyway, love the smith stuff. Agree it looks simple and clean but maybe that’s the attraction for me over some of the “LOOK AT ME” Oakley stuff. Have 2 pairs of Smiths right now, pivlock v90s and serpicos, love them both.

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