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Seeing as how fatbikes are often used in very cold, snowy conditions, hand covers or pogies are a popular accessory when the mercury drops. 45NRTH has made their name by offering high end, purpose built products specifically for the winter cyclist and the new Cobrafist Pogies and Bergraven gaiters certainly fit the bill. Taking the common pogie and gator, 45NRTH has created what they call Technical Fatbike Gear – advanced gear to help you go further on your next arctic expedition.

Go Cobra Commander on the snow after the break.

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Stick your hands into the 600 denier wind resistant shell with 400g Primaloft Eco insulation and pull the draw strings tight to keep out the elements. You can also use the draw strings to close the pogies when you’re not using them to keep out snow, and keep them as warm as possible on the inside. Polyurethane reinforced panels provide additional protection from mother nature and improve the durability of the Cobrafists. Inside, you’ll also find two zippered pockets for additional storage of food or gear.

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Just what makes it “technical fatbike gear?” Well, the Cobrafist has a number of features that take them past the traditional pogie. Top left is the bar end plug attachment which secures the Cobrafist to the bar with an expanding bar end plug. This allows you to adjust the angle of the pogie, and once you tighten the bolt it will stay there rather than flopping down. Above right is a zippered vent that is found on both the top and bottom of the pogie, which will allow you to air things out if they get too steamy. The zippers are found on both sides on the pogie so you can unzip them from the inside or out. Finally, the whole point of a pogie is to keep your hands out of the elements so these little oval foam donuts help seal the area around your handlebar where the pogie seals. The slot is for your cables, the hole for the bar, and then the pogie’s stretch neoprene bar collar seals around the donut keeping the cold air out.

Cobrafists are shipping to dealers now, and will retail for $125.

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The Bergraven is a technical gaiter designed specifically for the Wölvhammer winter boot.


Built with 100g Primaloft insulation, the Bergraven offers knee high protection from deep snow while also offering additional warmth for your ankles and lower legs. Thanks to 100mm wide bottom bracket shells and wide cranks, fatbike q-factory isn’t typically gaiter friendly, so the Bergraven features a kevlar medial panel to keep them in one piece.


The toe hook clips directly to the Wölvhammer, and uses a ladder lock buckle at the tread and an adjustable buckle at the calf to keep them in place. Bergravens are being shipped to dealers currently in two sizes, medium for shoe sizes 38-43 and large for sizes 44-50, and will retail for $85.


  1. If they just put another ladder lock buckle on the inside of the gaiter, you could replace the strap when it wore out. Come to think of it, there would probably be enough left of the strap to sew on a buckle once the first one wore out…

  2. How will I know what gear I’m in? Is there a remote gear indicator available? This reminds me of a drinking game, Edward 40 hands anyone?

  3. @ ultraclyde, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read your comment caus’ I had the same thought. And @ Mindless, these are fat bikes we’re talking about here… they don’t do anything remotely “gnarly” enough that would lead you to fall… who are you kindding?!?!

  4. Is there a word for “hand claustrophobia”? Heatflex Hand Guards look more appealing to me since your hands are visible, but I feel their price is unjustified for what you get.

  5. @satisFACTORYrider: I have never heard of any Bar Mitt related fatalities, nor do I expect to see any lawsuits arise due to the Cobrafists.
    Also “Cobrafists are shipping to dealers now” is not true. “Cobra Commanders are available to back order now” is more accurate; they are on “Item Watch” until the 25th. Why don’t they title some articles “We are dangling a carrot in front of you, now go bother your local bike shop?” It’s almost like they take all the fun out of the game where you go into a shop and look around for 15 minutes and then ask them for something you know they don’t have.

  6. I’ve been using ATV barmits on really old days on my fatbike. Not as many of the little tech refinements that these have and they actually cover up to my elbows – VERY WARM. Considerably cheaper too.

    I did order these gaitors though. They look well built.

  7. Recently raced on groomed nordic trails in soft conditions. Reached high velocity and took a spill on a turn. Hands (with lobster gloves on that were overkill) got tangled in my pogies and contributed to a ‘less graceful’ crash. Something to be said for quick release-ability, but then getting your hands back in can take some finagling, same for when you need to launch snot rockets. Ha ha, perhaps a clear window would solve hand claustrophobia and gear checkage or a big ass mirror to look down at your deraileur 🙂

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