One of Token’s biggest announcements for the year was their rather unique entry into the aero road wheels market with the Hero, which was shown this summer, but there was still plenty to see at the tradeshows.

The new Vigilante mountain bike carbon clinchers top the new grouping aimed at downhill and extreme riders. The products are burly and dependable so you have the confidence to focus on that massive drop rather than worrying about whether your gear will hold up. And yes, the lead product is a set of carbon clinchers. And they’re beautiful. They use a 30mmwide, 32mm deep rounded profile with a glossy finish and laced with 32 Sapim CX-Ray Aero spokes and their Duplex hubs. That latter part lets them work with any axle combo you may have.

Drop in for all the new mountain and road bike goodies…


The tubeless-ready Vigilante wheels have a 90kg (200lb) rider weight limit. Wheel weights are claimed at 708g front / 813g rear (1511g total – 650B wheel size only for now), pretty good for something supposedly bombproof. Rim weight is 400g. Part of the secret to making them tough is an inner layer of their AVT (Anti Vibration Technology – more on that below) built into the rim layup. They come with rim tape, valve extenders, wheel bags, spare spokes and nipples and their new Vigilante skewers:


Available in standard and some thru axle sizes, the new Vigilante skewers separate the clamping mechanism from the locking force to better spread the pressure across the entire skewer rather than just the hinge.


Vigilante parts make their way to other segments, too, and their Shark Tail quick release levers are now found on QR seat collars.


For road, there’s now the Arsenal Disc C28AD clincher, giving you more options.


Their Anti Vibration Technology is a military-inspired material placed inside the rims. Beyond soaking up buzz, they say it also increases the rims’ strength and impact resistance..


Coming soon, or, at least in development, is a dual Campagnolo-or-SRAM/Shimano freehub body. 11-speed, naturally.


Their Fusion Pressfit Bottom Bracket melds alloy and plastic to improve fit and precision. First, an alloy cup is machined to hold the bearings. The plastic sleeve is then milled to shape while placed on the alloy cups, reducing opportunity for deformation. Token says the result is a better fit in the bike and better support for the bearings, all of which should mean smoother, quieter and longer performance. Available with standard or their high end TBT bearings.


And for the cyclist that has everything, a new bling kit complete with 11-speed cassette lock ring, inline barrel adjusters, top cap and bolt, chainring bolts and so much more.



  1. Agree with a couple others here that a 200 lb limit means it is not a bombproof rim.

    Also, not sure what you are trying to say about the skewers. The mechanism looks very much like every shimano skewer except the lever is attached on both sides.

  2. Dual campag / shimano freehub body. Why has no-one thought of this before, or maybe they have. Solve a lot of problems, especially as I’m running campag and discs on the same bike (not easy I assure you).

  3. @Kevin: Edco has had such a freehub available for at least 1-2 years, and there’s another wheel company (whose name I can’t remember) that has such freehub as well.

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