It’s that time of year when many of us are tucking a beanie under our helmets and drinking coffee a little more frequently. With a chill in the air, Giro’s latest First Friday limited edition release is just in time. They’re packaging a 12oz bag of custom roasted “New Road” coffee beans from the most excellent Verve with a seamless merino wool beanie. It’s a “Wild Lime” color and the set comes at ya for $50. There were 29 left as of this post. Check their Facebook page for more details and to order.


  1. “Fine” coffee is this century’s snake oil. Ninety-nine percent of these poseur hipsters couldn’t pass a blind taste test between Trendy Hipster Fair Trade Coffee and Folger’s Crystals.

    It’s all white guys at party talk about these days: killer coffee and how you have to watch The Wire.

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