Kitsbow Womens Soft shell shortsThe new Kitsbow Women’s line of shorts is the California companies first foray into clothing for the fairer sex. The new soft shells take the best of what they’ve learned developing what some media outlets have described the best pair of shorts on the market and tailored them for women.

What sets these particular pair of shorts apart is that they eschew elastic waistbands and velcro. Sizing is done in inch long increments to achieve that perfect fit. Taking that philosophy one step further, the women’s shorts are also available in a straight and curve cuts to better accommodate different body shapes. The shorts are constructed from Swiss Schoeller Soft Shell fabric and treated with a DWR to shed moisture.

At $269, the Vancouver, Ca made Kitsbow shorts aren’t cheap but neither is quality. Pick up a set up for yourself or that special lady in your life here.


  1. I have a pair of the mens version, and they are seriously the best MTB shorts I have ever run by a long shot. Fit like a glove, ridiculously comfortable, and don’t get in the way. Are they spendy? Yes, but the best quality products are always going to cost a premium. In a world of $4000+ high-end bicycles, a $269 pair of shorts is a fraction of the total cost that adds a huge benefit to my riding enjoyment.

  2. @scott, you are right about that. It never ceases to amaze me at how riders, especially mtbers, will spend thousands on their bike, but balk at spending for well designed and made clothing. Sure a t-shirt and the Fox shorts you just got on sale will do the job but it’s not until you wear well designed and made clothing that you realise the difference it makes to riding.

    The best thing I ever heard… “Yes ‘brand X’s’ knicks suck and lasted three months before they were unusable but I got them on sale and will buy them again at the next sale…”

    BTW, where is Kitsbow made?

  3. @Antopidean

    Kitsbow is based in Northern California, just across from San Francisco, but the clothes are made in Vancouver.

    Nah bro, she’s just ripped.

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