The new “muli-tool” by Townie Syndicate is a new approach to spartan utilitarianism. Their tool combines a tire lever with stow slots for two mutli-headed tools. One side stores a 4 and 5mm hex while a philips and T-25 torx head driver are tucked away on the other.

The kit also includes a die cut Velcro strap to wrap the Lever+Bike Tool around a tube (and pump). That’s it. It’s a sleek and lightweight setup that should allow you to handle the majority of your roadside repairs.Townie Syndicate Tool+Bike LeverThe basic setup will set you back $15 but the sky is the limit. Want you kit engraved? $40. Is nylon to plebeian? The handsome white oak tool will set you apart for $80. Townie Syndicate Lever+Kit Lever

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  1. Or just carry a multi-tool and have 5x the tools?!
    Good luck getting any leverage on the short end of those wrenches.
    Those velcro straps are great, can be had in a roll of 50+ at your local hardware store for a couple $.

  2. I’ve been carrying just a 4 and 5mm hex for years. This is clever but in my experience the plastic levers don’t last long, and now that I ditched my BB7s i don’t need the T-25 anymore. Still, if these sat next to the register at your local shop they would go like hotcakes. Can the dealer make their margin and still retail for $15?

  3. Yo be fair to them it is quite a good idea as I have been carrying just a tube and couple of allen keys for quite a while. Really with most bikes you only need a couple of allen keys and most multi-tools are just over kill with lots of tools you never use. I guess what is good about this is that the allen keys add strength to the tyre lever so that it won’t bend like most plastic tyre levers. I would say the only thing missing is a chain breaker as granted not used often but when needed its really needed. I a mini one like this

  4. I chuckle to think I got a used carbon lezyne 10 for $27 bucks!!!, and then removed a couple of “non-essential” smaller allens, and the torx, but kept the chain breaker as a flat head driver and pad separator and have saved a bunch of guys on the trail with 60 grams! (Even have taken to electric taping a sram link and shimano pin to the little guy!)

  5. It would be interesting if each of the allen keys would have fit into opposite sides, and had a tactile “click” in, to avoid the velcro.

    Then, still have the L-bend sink area for both of them, so the lever could still be used as a handle.

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