Kingdom Bikes hexam-275-newWhile there are dozens of amazing new 650B travel bikes on the market, none of them are built out of natures best wonder material – Titanium. While the 3.2 kg (~7 lb) frame won’t be winning any prizes at a weight watcher meeting, the gleaming 145mm travel bike is bound to steal someones heart.

Kingdom Hex AM 275 Geometry

Designed with all mountain riding or enduro racing in mind, the hand built frame features every modern amenity, and comes with a lifetime crash warranty. A slack headtube angle and short chainstays mated to a tapered headtube, 142×12 rear end, clean external cable and dropper routing, and ISCG 05 tabs allow you to build the Hex up anyway you’d like.


A frame only options retails for 2,299 Euro. The complete bike pictured above runs 4,499 Euro. Custom paint colors are also available.

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  1. Steel and titanium are the wrong materials for full suspension. Sure they can be made, but they won’t be optimized. Steel will always be overweight, and titanium will either be too flexible or overweight, also.

  2. article says – none made of titanium??? just off the top of my head – erikson and funk.

    @Ilikeicedtea, i know where you are going with your statement, but you are not aa frame builder.

  3. ti ‘s characteristics can be manipulated in the forge
    different temperatures for tempering creates totally different behaviour allowing u to create both stiff or flex

  4. Too expensive?. Being Ti I think it’s pretty cheap. In Europe an alu SC Bronson costs something like 1900€, and 2750€ for the carbon one.

  5. @Ilikeicedtea

    “Sure they can be made, but they won’t be optimized.”

    Define ‘optimized’…

    Optimized is not a certain abstract given.

    If ductility, strengths and scratch-proof for future abuse were your goals for instance, titanium would make a lot of sense.

  6. @Ajax – ” nice guess but you’re part wrong. This bike was made in Taiwan (technically China), designed in Tazmania for UK and European riding… and NOT made by XACD.

    @Ilikeicedtea – You are utterly wrong in every possible way.

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