2014 X-Fusion Sweep 650B 27-5 suspension fork

X-Fusion’s big news was the very expensive Revel inverted crown fork, followed by their new dual crown DH fork and a prototype stealth dropper post. We covered all that right here.

But, hidden in plain sight was the all-new Sweep. It’s a dedicated 650B fork, designed specifically for the middle wheel size with specific offsets and axle-to-crown heights.  Across the different wheel sizes, they standardized the trail ratio to keep the steering consistent regardless of size. The 26″ forks are 42mm offset, 27.5″ is 46mm and 29er is 51mm.

It’s also the first to show off their new thru axle, and there’s a new and much improved remote lockout lever that replaces the plasticky original. Pics and full fork specs below…

2014 X-Fusion Sweep 650B 27-5 suspension fork

This, like many of their forks, offer internally adjusted travel in 20mm increments using a pin-and-ladder system, with 10mm fine tuning done with spacers. Check this post for internal pics and details to see how it’s done.


All forks with a quick release thru axle (generally up to 160mm travel) get a new proprietary thru axle. It uses a four pronged expansion piece that wedges against the inside of the dropout to keep it tight and prevent it from accidentally unthreading.


Lastly, there’s a new remote lever that controls the shock / fork lockout or travel adjust. It only does one at a time. It’s all metal and replaces the overly plastic model from before.



  1. The travel change is not quite so easy. Some pins need an arbor press they are so tight. It is best to have your shop order the right travel-or to send off. Maybe some shops can do it-but we have just been sending them off-after some broken parts.

  2. If you are a shop and can’t figure out an arbor press to push a press fit pin out/in. Better to send it off to a Pro for sure. I would question whether you should be working on anything.

  3. Chasejj……….read carefully before busting on folks. Not everyone has an arbor press. Most consumers do not even know what one is. If your shop is better than Suspension Experts, I guess you da man. We send off,and still are cost effective. We use XFusion as our main brand for custom set ups. Even they will tell you the pin is sometimes a bitch. We just order the right travel,duh. Sheesh,try to be helpful,get busted on -luv the inter webs.

  4. Gillis-That is kinda my beef with bike shops in general. I got one in my freakin personal garage. Along with whatever else I need to work on bikes etc.. We are not talking about a full machine shop.
    Drop down to Harbor Freight and buy a cheap chinese knock off and you are in business.
    Buddy-Maybe I was a little harsh.

  5. The biggest issue with the Sweep is that thus far it has been vaporware. Release has been repeatedly pushed back.
    It is a shame, because the velvet is really nice, and their CS is top-notch.
    It would be nice if the RL2 damper had some LSC adjust.

  6. Chasejj-thank you for that!And sorry for busting back. I have access to one-a high dollar one-but have no space for one in my tiny spot. I do love buying tools! I have had rough luck with bargain knock offs though. We just wear them out. But that I would not use for many things……hmmmm

    More importantly……XFusion has changed the 15mm? Very nice-the old one was meh.

  7. Any word on the new lever working on the older forks?

    As for the travel adjust pin, standard bench vice worked for both my fork and my dad’s Sweep. No problems for me there.

    X-Fusion makes some nice stuff.

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