land-zeppelin-bike-fairingTwo longtime friends have created the Land Zeppelin, a blimp-shaped, all-weather bike fairing.

Currently only in its infancy, the project from entrepreneurs Jim Gorman and Mark Keillor is a lightweight enclosure made of prestressed fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, and some metal. By offering grants to deserving riders, the Land Zeppelin creators hope for a social benefit from their product, making commuting more pleasant in a greater variety of conditions and helping those that need their bikes to get to/from work. We think it’d be fun for things like Tour de Fat and World Naked Bike Rides.

They claim a lower aerodynamic drag while riding and protection from precipitation and insects. While fairings are not new -something the Land Zeppelin folks readily acknowledge- they hope that their design gets more people over the perceived burdens of cycling and out on their bikes (within a zeppelin-shaped pod). More info at

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  1. In a crosswind that is going to be dangerous to handle in traffic & a rider could end up in hospital or worse with this silly dangerous idea on public roads…………..

  2. They actually have a website! Saw below quote and can only feel pity for these people.

    “Be a part of the change you wish to see.” ~Ghandi

    It is such a terrible idea, I am actually speechless. [deleted]. Love to see how it will handle in the wind.

    Good luck to them.

  3. Please do yourself a favour and go on to their website.

    One of the reasons to own a Land Zeppelin:

    FUN !! Feels like flying

    Pre Order Now people (I am just plain out of luck):

    Currently available only in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, Greater Indianapolis, Indiana, and all areas in between.

  4. Must kill it with fire before it reaches my hometown a mere 100 miles away. I must say though, I might actually buy one of their shirts. Just look down at your chest while wearing one, and always have a laugh.
    I wonder if I can get a pro-deal on this through work…

  5. Seeing someone ride with this device would actually elevate remcumbent riders to a new higher social status assuming they arrive at the Starbucks/Peets at the same exact time. .

  6. @David; at least it would stop you from being a fool in the rain. Though if I bought one, my wife would probably say babe, I’m gonna leave you, so it’d be nobody’s fault but mine.

  7. A few months ago I found myself fighting an early season flu…
    I took to drowning that virus out of my system…
    After a robust evening of Scotch sampling
    I found myself slipping into a deep slumber…
    to which I had the most vivid dream about a zepplin style bike…just like this
    … upon awakening…
    I now understand why they put those warnings on cough medicine

  8. I love this “gets more people over the perceived burdens of cycling”.
    As ridiculous as it is I can’t help but wanting to try one while riding in the rain.

  9. the obvious questions:

    what about sneezing?

    what about farting?

    side wind would knock you down or worse into traffic?

    unclear vision from curved surfaces?

    sun reflection would blind you?

    blind spots to the left and right?

    condensation dripping on you?

    fogging up, that would suck…

    how can you stay dry? your lower body would still get wet from wheels and forward motion. could only keep you dry if you were not moving forward.

    now if you could actually add helium and make your bike lighter then you might have something here….lol

  10. Its obvious that many of these expert commentators know NOTHING about physics, plastics, or aerodynamics. I hope you have fun with your hasty comments, your day in the rain is coming.

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