Adding another option to the standard US tool and pump choices, Quality Bicycle Products just announced that they will be distributing Birzman products stateside. Tyler has had a number of Birzman’s tools in for review, with great results as the tools offer smart, stylish design paired with functionality. Check out for the full catalog.


  1. i contacted birzman about 2+ months ago trying to get a zacoo maha MTB floor pump (check out their floor pumps – looks to be the best design out there). i was told to contact a guy in canada. the canadian rep told me QBP was importing/distributing them in novemeber. i emailed QBP and got no response back.


  2. ccolagio – I can get you a pump, along with any other LBS that has a Q account. They are in stock and available. In fact, as of 5:08 pm on 10/25/13 there are 15 Birzman Zacoo Maha MTB Floor Pump: Silver available from their MN warehouse.

  3. @ccolagio-My name is Nico and I am the brand manager here at Birzman. Please let us know if you came right with a pump or if there is something we can do to help. Regards Nico

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