Bike BeatzIf you’ve ever been to a bicycle party, critical mass, or other two wheeled rally, you’ve probably seen some home made iteration of the Bike Beatz system. For those who aren’t home tinkerers, the Bike Beatz boombox offers a compact way to really blast some tunes in sleek and compact package.

In order to get the beats flowing on your ride, you’ll need a bike rack to tote the 20 lb box, but the integrated lead acid battery should provide between 6-12 hours of entertainment. Off the bike, the fun don’t stop as an integrated handle lets you carry the box as you adventure.

Output is handled by two marine grade 6″x9″ speakers, a 240W amp, set in a 150 cubic inch box made of ½ inch plywood. The Bike Beatz are each assembled in Chicago and available in several different colors and themes, but each one will set you back $299.

To get your own, head over to Bike Beatz



  1. Oh man this looks really heavy. I couldn’t imagine taking this on my bike rides. I’m a fan of my tunes by 20lbs to lug them around? Eh, maybe just for the occasional bike party.

    I currently use a Boombot REX and it’s plenty loud enough for me.

  2. Sad to see such negative comments. This box is hot. I am seriously considering racking this.
    Would be perfect for a summer ride with friends!

  3. Pretty funny comments from the geriatric unit here. I’m sure it plays Bing Crosby and Dean Martin just fine. Looks pretty sweet. Xmas is only two months away, time to start laying subtle hints to the wife…

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