Light & Motion GOBE

Whether cycling is your all consuming passion or you just love the outdoors, the new Light & Motion GOBE light system can light up your way. The compact light weighs 160 grams, has 6 different light heads, and a wide range of accessories to make it compatible for anything from bike rides to scuba dives. Light & Motion GOBE Lights

The light is submersible up to 120 meters and each of the interchangeable light heads offer a different color tone or beam pattern for optimum lighting in a wide range of conditions. Depending on the setting, run times are claimed to be up to 54 hours! The system is both air or water cooled, depending on it’s environment, and is capable or producing up to 700 lumins.

Head over to Light & Motion for more info.



  1. @xcgeek, my last light and motion stopped charging after like 4 uses. I got the thing on super clearance, so I wasn’t so bummed, but still. My magicshine has been going strong for 3 years.

  2. 120 meters, so those O ring seals can take around 12 bar of pressure? I have my doubts, why not be honest and just say 60 meters as no recreational diver is going to be around the 100 meter depth anyhow.

  3. Light and motion also makes diving lights, recreational as well as professional I believe. They also have a pretty awesome setup for testing lumens. 100 meters is a hefty depth for sure, but everything I’ve seen from them would not lead me to doubt their claims.

  4. @Collin: Yes I completely agree with Pete. In my experience in consistently using three of their products (Seca 900, Vis 360, Vis 360+), L&M has had extremely good quality stuff. The one time I had an issue where the button broke on my Vis360 (mind you, I used this thing nearly every day for 3+ years and still use it for bar cruising), it was about a year outside warranty but they told me to ship it in anyways and they fixed it for free. I cannot recommend these guys enough and yes I’ll probably be picking up this little guy too for camping/hiking

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