We saw American Classic’s 2014 lineup at Eurobike but missed getting pics of a couple of the new ones, like the Hurricane (above) and Victory 30. So, with news that all of the new alloy models are in stock and shipping, we thought we’d post a little update. The big news across the range is that everything’s now 11-speed compatible, most are road tubeless and there are a wealth of disc brake options. Oh, and all disc brake wheels can even be outfitted with thru axles and an XD Driver Body! AC’s done a really good job of future proofing their lineup with new hub castings and a plethora of builds, as you’ll soon see.

The Hurricane is a mid-high end wheelset that’s available for rim or disc brakes, both tubeless ready with tape preinstalled. The disc brake version comes in at 1646g (768g F/878g R)  and is laced up with 32 spokes. What’s particularly interesting is that they’re available with standard QR or 15mm front/12×142 rear thru axles. Retail is $849.

The rim brake Hurricane is 1580g (736g F/844g R) and is only available with standard quick release. Retail is $799. Rims on both are 22.3mm wide outside (18.1mm inside) and 24mm deep.


The Argent is the lighter, deeper wheelset that’s looking really, really good for cyclocross. Even though the Hurricane is built to be a little tougher with more spokes and a 250lb rider weight limit, the Argent holds its own with a 230lb limit and 24 spokes laced two cross. Weight for the disc brake set is 1531g (708g F/823g R) and retail is $1,499. They’re also tubeless ready with preinstalled tape and can run any of the axle options.


If the Argent’s the high end, the Victory 30 brings tubeless down to a very affordable price point. They’re just $560 for the set. Rims are 22.7mm wide (18.1mm internal) and 30mm deep. Weight is just 1547g (654g F/893g R), pretty good for the price.

Not shown, the new ACRD 2218 road rims are also available and come in 24 and 28 hole. The numbers in the name refer to width (22.3mm outside, 18mm inside) and depth (18mm). They’re all black and come in at 375g. Those can be mated to their updated disc brake road hubs, which are now available in 24/28/32 hole drillings and are all 11-speed ready. Both the rims and hubs are in stock now, too.


Wide Lightning mountain bike wheels push rim widths all the way out to 32mm (29.3mm inside) with a rounded 22mm deep profile. Weight is 1569g (727g F/842g R) for the 29er set and 1512g (698g F/814g R) for 27.5″. QR or 15mm/12×142 thru axles available, just let them know what format you need when you order. Retail is $850 and word is they’re selling briskly. Both wheel sizes are laced 3x 32 hole, so they should be plenty stout for those weights.

The carbon rimmed wheels we saw at the tradeshow will all be available just after January 1.


  1. @Seraph – “Sweet comment bro”

    I’ve got over 11,000 miles on my American Classic Hurricane wheels. Never replaced the freehub body and only had 1 spoke break torquing my way out of a storm gutter compliments of a turning car.

    Looking forward to an updated set of Hurricanes to run tubeless!

  2. We have two sets of AmClassic Road Tubeless wheels. We have not been happy with either set. Both sets started making lots of noise and the diagnosis was spoke “detensioning.” Nothing we can do, short of rebuilding the wheels, to fix the problem. In addition, both sets have had broken spokes and one of the wheel rims cracked. All this in less than 18 months of use. Next set of wheels will not be AmClassics as they lack the reliability I want.

  3. @Fatso I only had a few miles on my American Classic hub when the freehub body decided to explode. I’ll stick with King and Hope from now on, and I only run E.13 and WTB rims.

  4. WOW these wheels Look amazing. So much so it looks like IRT Wheels has copied just about every graphic design in your line up. I would be kinda pissed

  5. @Seraph
    At one point almost every company has or will have some sort of production issue. Fox just had one, are you going to stop using their forks forever? PS from Chris King’s website:

    “3. On versions 310, 311, and 312, large variations in spring pressure were discovered. A weak spring will make the RingDrive™ more sensitive to contamination. If in doubt, replace the spring. Solution: Upgraded springs are available through our upgrade program.”

    Did you bother to call American Classic – I’m sure they would have done something similar to an “upgrade program” or warranty, just a thought?

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