Orbea Rolls 27.5 with All New Enduro Focused Rallon R4

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Somehow managing to keep it a secret throughout the trade show season, Orbea just unveiled their newest mountain bike – the 27.5″ wheeled Rallon R4. As the successor to the mighty Rallon R3 the new bike has bigger wheels, longer travel, and a revised Enduro focused geometry because like Orbea’s tagline for the new bike: “We may not be racing, but that doesn’t mean I am not trying to beat you.”

See what puts the Enduro in Orbea’s longest travel bike after the break!

Orbea Rallon 27 5

Built around 160mm of rear travel, the new Tricone Alloy frame has grown by 10mm over the R3. The hydroformed and triple butted 7000 series aluminum frame comes in at 6.95 bls (3.15kg) for a medium frame and shock and includes features like a new hollow rocker arm. In order to be on top of the podium or first among your friends, the geometry has evolved with a lower bottom bracket, shorter chainstays, a longer cockpit and reach, a longer wheel base, a better pedaling position (75º/74.5º), and short 420mm chainstays. To cap it all off, those numbers are all adjustable by rotating the shock mount pin which drops the BB by 7mm and slackens the head tube angle by 5º (66.5º/66º).


The suspension of the new Rallon has a linear curve that ramps up at the very end with 10% progression to prevent bottom out. It’s built to be as sensitive as possible allowing for excellent small bump compliance, traction in turns and so forth.

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In addition to the new rocker arm which mounts to the down tube instead of the top tube, there is also a new C9-12 concentric pivot around the rear axle. Hinting to the intended use of the bike, the Rallon is equipped with 180mm post mount rear brakes.

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Simply flipping the shock mount pin at the front of the BOS or Fox shock changes the geometry based on your needs. Cables and hoses are neatly channeled down the back of the downtube, and there is a spot for a stealth dropper post to enter into the seat tube just behind the rocker link. Removable ISCG 05 tab allow you to run a bash guard, chain guide, or nothing at all.

Working in collaboration with BOS and Fox, the Rallon’s shocks have seen extensive tuning for what Orbea calls “Next Level Suspensions.”

The Rallon R4 will be available in January – in the mean time check out the Rallon Minisite for more information.


10 thoughts on “Orbea Rolls 27.5 with All New Enduro Focused Rallon R4

  1. what have they sold like maybe 10 mtb in the us…now they come out with this mid wheeled bike to sell another 10 bikes……Orbea=YAWN

  2. Split pivot and the Active braking pivot patents must be void? Maybe Orbea just does not care or the bike will only be sold in countries where the patent is not applicable.

  3. I work at an Orbea dealership in the US and we sell a ton of Orbeas. In my opinion one of the best riding road bikes on the market and their mountain bikes are pretty darn fast too.

  4. @John and Mike – Not a patent lawyer OR directly involved but this interests me too. My speculation is that it seems that the concentric pivot itself has been patented too many times (the first time in the late 1800s) to be the single focus of any new patents. The DW and Active Braking patents therefore describe the entire rear-end system of links/pivots and suspension/braking characteristics to get around this. This also means that it’s possible to use a concentric pivot as long as the entire suspension system doesn’t run afoul of the existing systems.

  5. Looks like, if the provided graph is to be believed, that the leverage ratio actually falls off in the last 10% of travel. Maybe they are talking about wheel rate, and they have paired it with an exceptionally progressive air shock tune? Either way its fairly linear, but does look like it will blow thru the final 10% of travel when pushed hard. Wonder what King Weagle thinks of another brand not paying his royalties?

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