The latest in Louis Garneau’s top-end Course collection is a one-piece skinsuit that builds in a few user friendly features, making it perhaps the “everymans” skinsuit.

For starters, the full zip jersey portion uses flaps at the bottom to allow it to open a bit wider for easier ingress/egress. It also provides a bit of slack to work with the lightweight mesh abdomen section, making it easier to pull down the front for nature breaks. The body is made up of three different high stretch materials that offer muscle compression, and ColdBlack fabrics help keep you cool.

On the back, you’ll find three full size pockets…a useful touch typically not found on aero onesies. The pockets float on the back a bit so they won’t stretch the entire garment down toward your tailbone and cause undue pressure around the neck or shoulders. There are also lightweight mesh internal pockets for radios, etc. The entire piece uses minimal panels and seams and is finished with laser cut arm and leg openings to keep it smooth and flush with your skin. Retail is $349 and comes in six sizes from XS to XXL. Available in November.

Perhaps more timely for November is their new winter shoe, and, since bikes are never out of season, they’re finally bringing their collection to the US, full custom color options and all…


The new 0º LS 100 winter mountain bike shoe uses a dual flap cover to hide a BOA retention dial. That keeps things safe and dry while still allowing quick, on the bike adjustments. If you can still feel your fingers, that is. Inside, there’s an insulated sole with lined interior, 4mm of foam insulation and 3mm thick, seam sealed neoprene. It’s all wrapped up in a coated membrane that sheds water and mud. A plastic toe bumper leads to dual density tread blocks and a flex sole that makes hike-a-bikes tolerable. Retail is $199.



At their Interbike booth, a solid bit of real estate was dedicated to bikes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a solid bit of time to dive into it, so below are the stock descriptions for what’s going to be available. Pics are interspersed in no particular order. You’ll notice a rainbow of color options – that’s their Dream Factory Custom Paint program. Other than the stock items listed at the bottom here, all bikes are able to be customized from a palette of 20 base colors, accent colors and a matte or gloss finish. And, now that they have a custom clothing program, you can order custom kits and helmets all color coordinated. The program is available through dealers.


Gennix R1: The highest performance and most technical race bike we’ve ever designed. Designed with competitive cycling in mind, the race fit geometry allows for a lower body position for improved aerodynamics and efficiency. Short wheelbase and quick handling provide the maneuverability to rise out of the pack. The use of RTTC3 carbon blend utilizes UHM (ultra high modulus) fiber in key areas to reduce the R1 frame weight by an additional 10%.

Gennix R2: Same technology as the Gennix R1 with a similar feel and stiffness, the Gennix R2 utilizes RTCC2 and RTCC3 carbon composites that are specially engineered with expert racers in mind and designed to optimize stiffness and reduce weight.

Gennix E1: (Available in Mens and Womens): Pro-level technology pushing you to ride longer, faster, better” Developed for serious riders who strive to ride longer and faster. Taller head tube places the rider in a more upright position to reduce muscle fatigue, improve oxygen intake and attenuate tension on lower back and neck. Longer wheelbase adds stability and fluidity for greater control and comfort. The Gennix E1 also combines aerodynamics and steering precision with an ultra-narrow blade profile to reduce drag.


Gennix TR1: (Available in Triathlon Version and UCI Approved Version) Most modern triathlon bikes use a forward offset fork to improve aerodynamics which moves the pressure center of the front wheel forward. This results in added steering torque that will negatively affect the bike stability in high cross winds. The TR1’s ABS (Aero Balance Steering) steering solves this issue by moving the pressure center closer to the bike steering axis for a 24% increase in stability compared to a forward offset fork design, allowing the rider to run a deeper wheel than normal. Stack and reach optimized geometry allows us to fit a wide range of athletes.

Gennix T1: The T1 is aerodynamics designed with race reality in mind. Since the rider accounts for about 75% of total aerodynamic drag, optimal positioning is key, so we’ve designed all our triathlon bikes to be highly adjustable. Stack and reach optimized geometry allows us to fit a wide range of athletes. The seat post can be adjusted along an X and Y axis with over 120 mm of fore/aft adjustment and the use of a standard bar and stem combo allows every rider the flexibility of choosing his own setup.


In addition, non-customizable Xinos framesets in both Mens and Womens along with a complete Cyclocross bike, Steeple-X will be available for US Dealers.



  1. Yeah, they need to stop ripping off Castelli. That is not the only thing they are stealing from Italy ….

    Personally, I don’t trust a clothing company that makes bikes and gels.

  2. LG has been doing similar patterns in their clothing line for a few seasons. To me, it looks like Garneau stuff.

    The bikes look good. I hope they can make it this time… Round 2!

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