The New Zealander with the flowing gold locks has always been a reliable top ten finisher at slopestyle events, but this year at Redbull Rampage Mr. McGarry helped push the boundaries of mountain biking by landing a massive backflip over a 72 ft canyon gap. His run also included an incredibly technical drop in and two additional flip tricks. No wonder he won the People Choice Award. Hit play to see what the buzz is about.

For more Rampage action make sure to check out the new interactive website which was a collaboration with Internet Explorer. You don’t have to view it on IE11, but you do need a “modern” web browser and a fairly fast internet connection.



  1. These guys put together such smooth runs, you really need the POV shots to get a sense of exactly how scary and big what they are doing is.

  2. as i am someone who suffers from vertigo, the scariest part for me is watching them ride that top ridge, and then to pull off that flare up there… scared the hell out of me.
    he should have won!

  3. Makes me want to go out and ride now, I just can’t get enough of the adrenaline and am always craving more after downhilling and most technical riding in general. I love watching these guys eat this stuff up. Love that trail minus the gap jump and the back flips, I know the extreme risk involved and choose not to go that far. There is a lot riding on the line for these guys every time they ride stuff like this and compete. I have nothing but respect. The more you ride stuff like this and the more confident you get the higher the risk of something happening. Russian roulette on a bike. If you do it you know the feeling and it’s only a matter of it being your time to wreck when you are pushing it that hard. I can have a flawless run week after week and hit it another week and something could be off and hit a jump or knarly section wrong or too fast with way too much confidence and almost wreck big time. It’s a balanced, flow state you get into that is like no other. Your focus is so intense and you become one with the bike and feel, your senses are super elevated and you make those minor/major corrections near instantaneously so you can navigate the trail successfully way too fast for most people to fathom . On most of these types of rides many of those near instantaneous adjustments could be life and death choices. It’s how I get high and I have a serious addiction, I need my fixes a lot. I actually feel a little down / depressed if I don’t get some crazy downhilling on a regular basis. The long ride up for me is only conditioning for my body / mental preparation for the reward – the ride down!

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