Niner recently told us they’re working on adding tech videos for their bikes and components, which takes full advantage of hiring Ian Hylands and the massive studio they’ve put together (more on that in another post) in their satellite office. Just for fun, and to get a little practice before diving into the really techy stuff, they made this video showing how to properly install and use their YAWYD bottle cap mount for your steerer tube.


  1. What does turn it to the left mean? I consider myself mechanically competent, but can’t make heads or tails of turning bolts left or right. It’s even more confusing because when you use a T-handled hex like in the video, one end of the grip goes left, and the other goes right! Please dumb down these videos more for me. I don’t understand.

  2. Too bad they can’t put some r&d into figuring out a way to get their small parts to Canada without spending double the item cost on shipping.

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