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According to a notice from Fox Shox, owners of a very small percentage of 2013 32 and 34 Evolution Series forks with 120-160mm of travel which utilize an open cartridge damper, will be eligible for a free upgrade due to a safety concern.

A small batch of the approximately 42,000 forks identified in the recall, the company recently discovered, are prone to failing under particular circumstances. Even though the forks still comply with CPSC and European safety standards, Fox is issuing a free damper upgrade.

To determine whether your fork is eligible, please visit the Fox Recall page here.


  1. @, that’s the beauty of it! They want the consumer to do the registering online themselves!! And take the fork off themselves, and ship it back themselves. Makes my job way easier!! No more 35 minutes of being on hold to get at Fox.

  2. Somehow I don’t see a customer who just spent $$$ on a bike last year feeling like he/she should have to do all the work. I won’t be surprised if we get some work coming our way.

  3. @ Fatso: work on your reading comprehension: “A small batch of the approximately 42,000 forks identified in the recall………are prone to failing under particular circumstances”

    A small batch of the 42,000 forks identified, not ALL 42,000 identified. Only some of the 42,000 forks.

  4. No surprise here. Fox has slipped in the last couple of years, yet they’re fortunate to have their name and reputation for the most part intact, as they still get top spec on high-end bikes because that’s what customers want.

    But what most customers don’t know is that RockShox is pumping out the best forks these days. The new Pike is head and shoulders above anything Fox (or anyone else) is pumping out. All bike company product managers know this to be true, but can’t do anything to combat the still-excellent reputation Fox has. And reputations trumps reality any day.

  5. I’ve been pretty disappointed in my 100mm Evolution Series fork, but unfortunately it’s not included in the recall. Apparently, mine is a failure by design and not defect. Does anybody know what specifically has been failing in the recalled forks?

  6. I wish they’d recalled the CTD rear shocks. That would save me the trouble of selling off the next-to-useless, brand new shock I pulled off my new frame.

    I’ve used some decent fox shocks, but the best fork I’ve had was Marzocchi and the Monarch that replaced my new CTD puts it to shame.

    My experiences lead me to believe Fox is way overrated and I think the market is starting to catch on to that.

  7. The new pike is having some issues too. People who think that one brand is superior over another is just silly. I got the new pike and had to have it replace because the of the bushing. This also have happened to my 12 World Cup Revelation fork too.

  8. Chuck D: Yes! I love my Pike, previously coming off a Fox 34 Factory.

    If you don’t like the Fox fork on your trail rig and have the means to go buy a Pike, do it. I do not work for RockShox, I’m just that impressed.

  9. 35 minutes on hold at fox? doubt it.

    these are just the evolution forks which suck and have indeed been breaking alot. not like rockshox doesn’t have its problems.

    Pike is a great fork though. Hopefully sram has finally figured out how to not spray metal bits into its air springs.

  10. @ CXisfun

    “A small batch of the 42,000 forks identified, not ALL 42,000 identified. Only some of the 42,000 forks.”

    42,000 are susceptible to recall – a small batch in that 42,000 have been identified but all 42,000 where created the same way. ALL 42,000 forks will get a new dampener if requested, thus is a recall.

    Fox is handling this the correct way. Not all forks will break but why not just get people the new parts anyway.

    Thank you for confirming my point 🙂

  11. @Fatso: you’re still missing it. The phrase “small batch” isn’t referring to all 42,000 forks, it’s referring to the ones prone to failing. The sentence isn’t saying 42,000 is a small batch.

  12. @Chuck any facts behind your assertion that you’d like to share, regarding “Fox has slipped”? Do you work for SRAM? Or are you a product manager?

  13. @Big Cow – I understand that all 42,000 are under recall. But the quote in question isn’t saying that 42,000 are a “small batch”, it’s saying a “small batch” OF THE 42,000 are prone to failing.

    Fatso was under the impression that the article is calling 42,000 forks a “small batch”. In fact, it is not calling all 42,000 forks a “small batch”, it’s calling the forks that are prone to damage a “small batch” of the 42,000 total forks being recalled.

  14. I’ve unfortunately seen the dampers in the most recent Fox forks fail in a few different manners, luckily never a full separation of CSU and lowers as described however. In my mind Fox has certainly slipped in product quality, and understanding of consumer demands…I still ride my 36 FIT (non-CTD, thank the Lord), but I am very impressed by the RockShox technology, especially the Charger damper and new seal system. They seem to be capitalizing on Fox’s lack of true innovation recently.

  15. “High pointer – 10/22/13 – 10:43pm

    What is bad is these are the American made models. Not Taiwan.”

    The Evolution models are made in the USA? I think they’re just assembled in the US.

  16. I’m having problems with my Evolution 32 120mm forks. Damping seems off somehow? Diving all over the place, bottoming out and bouncing over small bumps even on full rebound damping?! I’ve had a Fox Talas in the past which I TFTuned and this was sublime. I hoped my Evolution fork was faulty but alas not included in the recall. I’ll be contacting Mojo for a possible solution as I feel the bike I’ve bought is potentially dangerous as a result. 3 offs in 5 months, 2 offs in 5 years prior to buying the bike with these forks.

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