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Like many cyclists I know, I love me some coffee. I tend towards the darker roasts, but if you’re a fan of the lighter side or caffeine content is of the utmost importance, check out Kinetic Koffee’s Limited edition Blonde Bomb. The Super Light roast also means it is super caffeinated if you need an extra boost before (or after) your ride/work day/weekend/etc. Located in Humboldt County, CA, Kinetic Koffee is a small roaster that uses 100% certified organic beans and whose coffee can be found in your local bike shops and outdoor retailers, among other places. 10% of all net proceeds also go to non-profits for worthy causes.

They’ve also finally got those Go-Bars out, joined by some very, very dark chocolate…


They teased these more than three years ago, but now the Gearhead Go-Bars are finally in production. Made with just walnuts, sugar, flour, butter, eggs, cream, honey and lemon juice, they’re as much a morning snack as an on-the-bike treat.

The chocolate is made for them by a local chocolatier and is pure 100% cacao, and part of the proceeds from this go to the Kevin Ebbert Memorial Fund, who was killed in Afghanistan. The geared design is a logo that Kevin had created for the brand, and he loved chocolate, so it’s made to honor him.

Neither of these are up on the website yet, but they’re available by calling 877-825-9417. Same for the Blonde Bomb.


  1. “Made with just…sugar, flour, butter, eggs…”

    with some vanilla you have snickerdoodles
    add cocoa and you have brownies
    baking powder and chocolate chips and you’ve got Tollhouse cookies

    What you’re saying is they have invented all baked goods? I like it!

  2. Light roasts have LESS caffeine. While Caffeine is stable at roasting temperatures, coffee looses more mass with darker roasts. For a given brew, the dark roast will have ~3% more caffeine.

    However the larger cup always packs more punch.

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