As the newest offerings in their TCS (Tubeless Compatible System), WTB is entering into the world of cyclocross with the ChrisCross rim and Cross Wolf tire. The rim is named for product manager Chris Feucht, after he wanted them on his bike badly enough to over see the project from start to finish. “Cyclocross needs tubeless, so I walked this rim from concept all the way to production, hence ChrisCross. Plus, it pays homage to one of my heroes, Chris Chance, who had a bike called the Chris Cross back in the day,” said Feucht.

When the Cross Wolf is paired with the ChrisCross, riders will have a raceable tubeless cross set up straight from WTB.

ChrisCrossi19_for_website_ cyclocross tubeless

The ChrisCross i19 700c TCS rim boasts much of the technology found in other WTB TCS rims including 4D angled drilling, their WT-69 Alloy construction, and a machined braking surface. To keep the tire solidly on the rim even at low pressures, the ChrisCross has UST compliant bead hooks which mate perfectly with the Cross Wolf’s UST Compliant bead shape. The rim is 19mm wide internally, weighs in at 435g, and is currently available in 32 hole rims that retail for $75.


Certainly more of a damp to wet conditions tire, Feucht  states, “The center ramping and linking really helps with speed over hard conditions. Piercing intermediate knobs and reinforced side supports help when things get sloppy or when setting up for a turn in dynamic conditions. Versatility with a healthy dose of bite is a great way to describe the Cross Wolf.”

Offered only in a UCI friendly 700x32c size, the dual compounds uses 60a/50a Dual DNA rubber for a harder wearing center and better grip for the cornering knobs. The Cross Wolf wieghs 360g for a 32mm tireand will retail for $54.99.


  1. @Der Berggeist WTB makes a bunch of wider disc-specific rims already…they call then 29er MTB rims though. No reason that couldn’t work on a Cx build.

  2. I’ve used the Frequency i19 to pretty great sucess on disc cross setups. Just received my ChrisCross rims today anxious to lace them up and see how they work with a Clement tire…

  3. Get rid of canti brake compatibility. It will be a lighter and stronger and better performing rim. Make it wider too.
    But I guess they already have KOM rims.

  4. I just got a set of the Cross Wolf, and they’re pretty awesome really. I’d previously been running the Maxxis Mud Wrestlers, and these reminded me of them quite a lot, but the tread is a bit more pronounced, and the shoulder certainly a bit more aggressive. Only raced with them once, but felt nice and stable on wet grass off camber corners, and in the wetter cut up bits of the course. I reckon I’ll be pretty happy leaving these on for the majority of or no-doubtedly wet UK CX season. They set up tubeless nice and easy too, even though it was none tubeless rims (Mavic Aksium with Stan’s tape and valves) – was a little concerned I may get burping and roll off, but the fit was tight, so not been a problem yet – I’ll be happier when they’re on a real tubeless rim though!

    I was also told that they’ll be doing a disc CX rim – but apparently is a re-labelled Frequency i19? Which would make sense I guess!

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