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Looking to take it with you on your next ride? Old Man Mountain has been producing high quality, super sturdy, made in the US racks for year and they continue to expand their goods. Thanks partly to the growing popularity of fatbikes and adventure touring Old Man Mountain has stepped up to equip the fatbike hoards while offering new options for thru axle mountain bikes as well.

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Old man mountain fatbike thru axle racks (2)

If you need to carry a lot on your next fatbike adventure, you’ll want to check out the Sherpa front racks for a number of different fatbike forks standards. Essentially a 135mm Sherpa rear rack that has been modified for use on the front of a fatbike, the Sherpa fat racks are offered to fit Pugsley (offset), Mukluk, and Moonlander forks (based on tire clearance, each has 135mm symmetric front hub.

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Out back, the Sherpa rack is found again but with hardware designed to fit the rear end of a fatbike. Again, they are offered in offset 135mm, and non-offset with 170 and the Phat Sherpa 190mm option. All Old Man Mountain sherpa fatbike racks retail for $124.99 and include their Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

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One of the coolest features of Old Man Mountain racks is that they work with almost anything – including suspension. So to keep up with axle standards and allow you to put a rack on your modern mountain bike, they have introduced a line of impressively machined thru axle adapters for their racks. Old Man Mountain will have kits for Syntace, Dt Swiss, Rock Shox (15 and 20mm Maxxle) and the Fox 15mm front axle. Contact Old Man Mountain for pricing and availability.

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A production Phat Sherpa was spotted on the back of a Borealis Yampa that was rolling around the show.


  1. Looking good. Endless sandy jeep/moto trails where I live. I want (no need!) a fatbike. Love the black and yellow look of the first bike.

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