NSB Variable Tooth Chainring

Narrow-wide fervor is at all an time high. For those with (and in some cases without) clutch derailleurs, SRAM has shown us the way to break free of our chain guide drag riddled past. Unfortunately, the SRAM narrow-wide chain rings are only compatible with their XX1 and X01 cranks. So what are the rest of us plebeians to do?

Luckily a number of companies have recently stepped into to fill in the void for those of us who don’t want or can’t afford to upgrade. The most recent contender, NSB, steps into the ring from Whistler, BC. Designed, tested, and built in the heart of some of the worlds best biking, these guys don’t mess around.

NSB 32T variable ring scale
The 32T Chainring weighs in at 40 grams

Their narrow-wide tooth profile not only keeps your chain in place, but the company claims that the extra thick took also improves chairing longevity by providing more drive contact area to chain. Each is machined from 7075 T651 aluminum and will be available in 32,34,36, and 38T sizes.  The irst batch ships December first and MSRP will be $60.00

NSB OverLord StemThe NSB Overlord isn’t new, and we first spotted it way back in 2011, but now it’s official. It has a few special features to provide better torsional stability for bigger riders, like using M6 hardware instead of the more common M5, which provides better contact area and provides a stiffer interface .In order to get away with using this  bigger hardware, they’ve used 6033 aluminum because it isn’t very brittle and isn’t prone to developing stress cracks.

nsb overlord 60mm scale

 The 60mm NSB Overlord stem weighed in at 190 grams

The Overlord retails for $110 and is available in 6 colors – Black, Gold, Blue, Pewter, Red, and Purple.

Clamp size: 31.8mm handle bar
Fork Steer tube: 1 1/8″
Rise: 0 degree
Stack Height: 38mm
Faceplate Width: 47mm
Hardware: 8.8 Grade Gold Zinc plated M6 bolts

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  1. I have an old Salsa stem with the 6mm bolts….I keep waiting for something like this! And I luv NSB-I have their 28T for SRAM cranks-not N/W…but still awesome.

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