Stealth Pro BMX 20mm Axle
We love new wheel and axle standards as much as the next person, so we were happy to cover this new 20mm BMX rear axle standard. Developed by legendary Stealth BMX hub manufacturer True Precision, the new axle size was developed for racers who routinely put down the kind of wattage out of the start gate that would put professional road racers to shame. The thicker axle doesn’t lop of any grams but their racers claim it drastically increase stiffness.

Half Cab past the break for more…including Odyssey’s crazy tall bike!

Stealth Pro BMX 20mm Axle Mounting System

The new  20mm Stealth hubs utilize cogs mounted with a system borrowed from mountain bike discs. Due to the increased diameter of the axle, the smallest possible cog than can be mounted is a 15T. A set of front and rear hubs for the aspiring BMX racer in your life will run $520 MSRP.

True Precision Stealth HubsIn addition to their BMX lineup, Stealth has expanded their current line of DH hubs to be compatible with the latest DH standard – 157mm wide axles. They’ve also created a Gate Cog compatible with their hubs. If you’re not familiar with their tech, the hubs utilize a rolling clutch for absolute silence when coasting and instant engagement when cranking. It’s not light but it is silent.

Quick aside, all True Precision products are manufactured in California! For more, visit True Precision


Independent Edition ProTec Full Cut

The Classic Full Cut Helmet has been in production since 70s. It’s technically a skate helmet but it’s a frequent sight at the BMX park. Pro-tec is currently developing a proper CPSC bike version, but this Independent Edition helmet will have to tithe you over till then.Protec Skate Inspired Commuter HelmetPro-Tec is also developing a skate inspired commuter helmet. Lots of internal lining and a ratchet system to dial in comfort keep this low key helmet comfortable. An integrated rear light ensures you’re staying safe at night. Hopefully helmets like this will trick the next generation of groms into actually wearing them.

Odyssey Tall Bike

Oddysey BMX Tall Bike DetailsThe best thing I saw in the BMX pavilion was this rad tall bike. Three frames staked high, rolling on 24s, and bar-spinnable. Fingers crossed this beast makes it into an edit soon.


  1. I have never seen a True Precision hub in the real world. I’m pretty sure they only exist on the internet.

    I did play with a Dia-Compe roller clutch hub once, and I thought it was super cool, with the instant engagement and all.

  2. the stealth hubs aren’t chupacabras. i know two guys that have one, and they are rad. the bearing clutch they use is trick and is the only thing out there that offers truly “instant” engagement. one of the guys that has one actually has his rigged with a belt drive, it is terrifyingly silent.

  3. Thats not new! I had a 20mm axle on the back of my 2003 Ellsworth Dare, with a razor rock racing hub!
    Great idea though, makes alot of sense.

  4. Roller clutch? So it’s like the clutch in Shimano Alfine geared hubs then? Those have instant engagement too. I always wondered nobody would put one in a freehub.

  5. Shimano did make silent clutch freehubs in the 90’s. i still ride one on my rigid single speed 26er. whole bike is silent. it feels great on trails to forget that the bike is under you.

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