One Million is a big number, but it seems to be an attractive number to guys wanting to set a lofty goal when it comes to riding. Years ago, it was Mark Weir’s successful go at climbing a million vertical feet in a calendar year, and now Adam Billinghurst successfully joined the 1,000,000 club. Only for Adam, it was 1,000,000 feet of descending in the Whistler Bike park. Descending a million might sound a lot easier than climbing a million, but try accomplishing the feat in only 57 days without getting injured – it’s certainly not as easy as it sounds.

Adam captured the whole event with his Sony Action cam, and had help from a number of supporters.

From Sony:

Mountain bikers seem to have an unwavering desire to challenge how far they can push their limits. For some, it means jumping farther. For others, it means riding a line that terrifies them. For Whistler legend Adam Billinghurst, it meant attempting to descend one million vertical feet as quickly as possible.
Watch Adam Billinghurst in One Million Down as he takes on one of his life goals of achieving 1 million vertical feet on his bike. “I’ve wanted to ride 1,000,000 vertical feet in the bike park for almost 10 years now. You don’t get to do a million of a lot of things. The things you do, you rarely think about: how many breaths you’ve taken, grains of rice you’ve eaten, said the word ‘and’. It just seemed like a good number.”

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  1. rico, try it and get back to us. three days riding the WBP will make you feel like your limbs will fall off. 58 days?!?! His ligaments must be made of kevlar by now…

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