Chrome Knurled Welded waterproof bicycle panniers and backpacks

Chrome’s best known for their bags, so we’ll start (and finish) with those. Above are the new Knurled Welded cycling packs. They’re their first foray into on-bike baggage, and they use a new lightweight single layer welded construction that fuses the TPU liner to the outer fabric. It’s found on a large square duffel-style front rack bag, various size panniers and a backpack or two.

Wanna see the rest? And the very entertaining way they demonstrated the waterproofness? Head past the break…

Chrome Knurled Welded waterproof bicycle panniers and backpacks

As impressive as their waterproof quality was, the materials thinness and lightweight are likely going to be their biggest source of oohs and aahs.

Chrome forged rubber Novak and Dima city casual shoes

The new Novak (top) and Dima (bottom) shoes use a forged natural rubber sole with street ready style.

Chrome forged rubber Novak and Dima city casual shoes

They’re more casual than cycling specific, but have just enough features to make them work on the bike: Treads are placed to hold flat pedals well and the backs have reflective panels.

Chrome forged rubber Novak and Dima city casual shoes

They had a chunk of raw rubber on hand and some blanks, which were being forged into real shoes live:

Chrome forged rubber Novak and Dima city casual shoes

Chrome won’t really be making them one at a time like this in CA, but it was pretty cool to watch.

They’re not up on the website yet – we’ll update on pricing and availability shortly.


Apparel flows into three categories – Wind, Merino and Storm. You can see a bit of the others on the peripheral, but there wasn’t anything new in those categories. The only update at Interbike was that the Merino gets a new crew neck Cobra sweater. Retail is $120 for the quarter zip and $140 for full zip, and they thankfully have an inner flap to keep the zipper off your neck…the one complaint we had about the original Cobra Hoodie (which is still in the line at $160).

All three have long sleeves with thumb loops, zippered main pockets and a zippered stash pocket on one sleeve. Look for more in this line in the near future.

Chrome motorcycle panniers and backpacks

Another new foray is motorcycle bags and packs. Handlebar roll bag and small pouches and such made for motos join a few different backpacks. The top left has a clear pouch for a tablet to be used without removal…perhaps for sitting atop a gas tank?


Lastly, news of the new Berlin series Yalta and Citizen came in just after the show. They’re inspired by Germany with water resistant “felted” polyester and embossed suede. They’re polished off with antiqued brass finish hardware and should go quite well with your lederhosen. Retail is $140 to $160, and these are available now.


  1. Just got my Storm Field Jacket. Stoked to have something not overly bike themed but full on functional. Folks have been putting out the goods for a good bit of time now.

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