IB13: Joshua Tree Offers Organic Recovery and Healing in a Bottle

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There are a ton of skin care products on the market, including those marketed towards cycling, but after a recent experience with Joshua Tree’s Cycling Salve, I found myself searching for their booth at the show. Offering an ever expanding collection of organic skin care products specifically designed for those who live active lives outdoors, Joshua Tree has a number of products adored by many cyclist, climbers, runners and more. The most recent expansion in their line are their new lotions, loaded with natural ingredients to aid in recovery, help with arthritis pain, healing and more.

See why you need to pick up some of their cycling salve after the break!

If you’re prone to aching muscles and joints after a ride, the new After Sport Recovery Lotion will probably be of interest. The lotion combines Arnica extract which is cooked down for up to 2 weeks from the whole Arnica montana flowers- sort of a dandelion like flower that is poisonous if ingested or iterative to the skin. However, when used topically in a lower concentration, the helenalin extract has been shown to provide the same relief as a 5% ibuprofen gel. Combined with eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and moisturizers the Lotion provides needed relief while keeping your skin happy too. A 4oz bottle retails for $20.

The Arthritis lotion is similar but includes Bergamont essential oil for its analgesic function and aroma. $22

If you’re already a fan of the Joshua Tree healing salve, then the Ultra Healing Lotion might be of interest. The original Healing Salve formula is now available in a 4 oz lotion for $16.

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Also new is a collection of plant based eco-soap body washes. Offered in Citrus, Lavender, and Tea Tree+Mint, these modern day versions of Castile soap are created from saponified coconut and olive oils and are multi use. Biodegradable and conditioning with Jajoba oil, the body washes retail for $6.

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If you haven’t tried Joshua Tree‘s Cycling Salve yet, it’s a product that belongs in every cyclist’s bag. After a particularly bad instance of saddle sores I tried nearly every remedy known to man without satisfactory results. Eventually my friends at Swallow Bicycle Works told me I should try this Cycling Salve. At $17 for a small tub, the Salve seems expensive – but it goes a long way. And most importantly, it works. Well.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, Joshua Tree will be offering a special gift pack with Cycling Salve, SPF 33 Sun Stick, and Mountain Mint Lip balm similar to their Father’s day special they offered earlier in the year which should make a great gift for the cyclist who has everything.


5 thoughts on “IB13: Joshua Tree Offers Organic Recovery and Healing in a Bottle

  1. Joshua Tree is an awesome product and I have been using it for 3 years now. the best for saddle sores and preventative maintenance. the lip balms are awesome, too. you get what you pay for and to me Joshua Tree is worth every penny.

  2. As far as their salves go, they’re a great product that I keep in my travel kit as well as home, and especially during long trips camping, paddling, whatever. I would note though, that there is no difference in any of their salves other than the sticker reading “climbing” or “cyclist’s”

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