Hincapie’s 2014 clothing lineup evolves with new safety and convenience features, plus trickle down tech from their former race team kits. They’ve also debuted this season’s Ghisallo kit, which carries an Italian theme for 2014, with a more rain-resistant top that switches to short sleeves paired with a vest and arm warmers.

From left to right above, you’ve got the Men’s Edge kit, which is the same as the Velocity Plus custom kits they offer, the Women’s Chantilly print, also same as the Velocity custom kits, and the top tier Men’s Signature Kit. Click through for deets…


The first two are simply stock prints for those that want Hincapie’s clothing but don’t need a full custom order.


Both men’s and women’s shorts get a ProGrip soft silicone patterned print on the leg openings. It’s surprisingly soft.


The women’s jerseys get a stacked three pocket design. This maintains a useable width even on the smallest sizes while still providing three pockets worth of storage. Nifty.


The Men’s Edge is same as Velocity Plus custom kits, which is the same as what the BMC team rode in back when they sponsored the team. It adds a reflective dot pattern on the back of the leg holes. The bibs are white ColdBlack material that can be sublimated. We’ve tested some of Hincapie’s ColdBlack pieces before and they work quite well.


It gains a fully waterproof zippered pocket on the rear:



The new Signature kit was tested in the wind tunnel to save about 10 seconds per mile (at what speed wasn’t immediately available, we’ll update when we hear back – suffice to say it’s aero). This isn’t the first time Hincapie’s taken his clothing to the wind tunnel. We’ve watched him test various skin suits for TT use back in the day.


It has Cold Black all over the shorts, and black panels on the jersey. It also uses reflective stitching, which we did a piss poor job of capturing on camera but looks pretty cool IRL.


Each fall, the Ghisallo kits change up a bit. We’ve been rocking the Lion of Flanders kit from a couple years ago with the waffle knit style top. This year, they keep the 3/4 knickers but go to an Italian graphics theme. Functionally, the big change is a new outer material that resists rain on the jersey with a warm, fuzzy fleeced inside. Not shown, matching arm warmers and vest make the kit easier to use on days with big temperature swings. The jersey’s not too thick, so it’s a good cool weather piece that could double as a base jersey as temps drop in the real winter.

The long sleeve waffle knit top is also available in the new colors, as are knee warmers and shoe covers. Check it all out at Hincapie.com.


  1. I fail to see the logic behind having some orange in the clothing to be safety oriented then surrounding it in mostly black. Pass.

  2. (deleted) …We had their custom kit for our team in the waffle cut about 7-8 years ago and it was super nice stuff. The chamios was super nice too. We switched over to Champion Systems because the cost for custome was significantly cheaper at the time.
    That being said, I would buy his clothing again if I had to get “off the shelf” stuff. I tend to lean toward Pearlizumi and Craft, but the Hincapie stuff is good too.

  3. Frankly, I like the goods, especially the waterproof pocket. Lambaste him all ya want, but if he keeps making stuff with good functionality you may be seeing more of it.

  4. @Peter R,
    why would you want your team kit, the kit youll probably spend the longest hours in, in all sorts of conditions, be the cheapest? i prefer my team kit to be the nicest, the stuff i really want to put on.

  5. (deleted) …I race in The Velocity custom gear, it is the best custom gear out there. I Love the stuff. They also support the team and the community.

  6. Kristi, I am wondering why my comment got deleted completely? It was about the clothing and was not obscene or offensive in any way. I simply said, “correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this clothing is owned by George’s brother and has nothing to do with George Hincapie himself…”

  7. @Kristi: You can look at the dozen of comments I’ve made this past year on this website and you’ll see that I’ve never made a “hater” comment before. Sorry that Hincape gets my blood boiling. I’m sure you’ll remove this too. Some of us hate being lied to for years and having our heros destroyed.

  8. @Greg – because the C.S. stuff is also really sweet and the minimums were substantially lower than Hincapie. Why do you equate less price with lesser quality?

  9. I carried this stuff in my shop for the 2012 model year and it did well. The quality was good. The price was solid. It fit well. I liked selling it. I had to drop it for 2013 because the colors were beyond awful. Just tacky, horrible looking stuff.

    Hopefully this line-up will be better. It looks okay in the pics.

  10. The waterproof pocket is a nice touch. It’d be nice if more manufacturers added as much, especially given the likely high number of not so inexpensive and not so waterproof smart phones in jersey pockets these days.

  11. George is involved in the clothing line in the design and testing especially from his experiences….he was discussing it at Interbike last month.

  12. GH has the right to do what he wants, including business.

    I have the right not to buy anything that has his name on it. And I don’t.

  13. I don’t think it’s so much being “scared of opinions” as they are sick of reading the same garbage from you guys every time something related to hincapie gets posted. You wanna go soapbox about dopers, go do it on your own website.

  14. @ChrisC, squirrels are funny until they knock stuff out of tree on to your head while you are just lounging in the shade. No joke, happened to me this summer on a ride. That one incident made me rethink having squirrels as my heros.

  15. All – We’re closing comments on this post.

    Padrote – Correct. We encourage discourse about the products being shown. We’re fully aware of athletes’ past performances and indiscretions, but our job here is to showcase the products and technology and, when appropriate, weigh in on how they work and what they mean for the industry and the state of cycling. We sincerely appreciate the passion that everyone shares over the sport, but we choose to keep Bikerumor as a forum about the products, not the athletes or racing. And, FWIW, Hincapie and the company do a lot to support juniors and racing development.

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