Following on the Calfee given away in September in Easton’s Dream Bike Raffle, October’s bike is courtesy of Rock Lobster.

Hand built in Santa Cruz, this Rock Lobster (which could be yours if you enter) comes in under 3 lbs for the Easton Scandium and 7005 aluminum frame. Builder Paul Sadoff dismisses aluminum naysaying: “Right now 80-percent of the bikes I build are aluminum and I get positive reports every time.”

More details and some awesome shots of the sea foam green beauty after the break…


The frame is built up with bits worth of a dream bike, like mechanical Dura-Ace and Easton EC90 components including the new EC90 Aero 55 wheelset.

easton-rock-lobster-stem-detail easton-rock-lobster-cable-stop-detail

Easton’s Handmade Dream Bike Charity Raffle gives builders the chance to showcase some damn fine looking bikes and specify a charity as beneficiary of 100 percent of the proceeds from the raffle. Easton supplies the kit and the largess.  For October, Rock Lobster has chosen Project Bike Trip as their charity. Project Bike Trip is a non-profit specializing in technical training for aspiring young bicycle mechanics in high school. Check them out: Project Bike Trip. Buy a chance at the raffle and support.


  1. I think aluminum is a great frame material, and really enjoy seeing custom builders use it…


    That is the ugliest seat post, and third ugliest stem I have ever laid eyes on.

    Fo realz

  2. @ Jonny, once youve broken a seat clamp that post becomes beautiful 😉 BTW, what was the 1st and 2nd ugliest stem? Ive just gotta know!

  3. Paul makes wonderful bikes, and is a pretty cool guy. As for the seatpost, yeah, it’s totally ugly, but really rides nice. I have one on my aluminum CX bike, and it made a world of difference over a Ritchey WCS aluminum post.

  4. That seat post is most definitely bad news on the eyes.

    Last time I rode a full-crabon fork from Easton, it a very scary CX ride. That fork became a gift to my sister for her hybrid. Let’s hope they added some material to them.

  5. I believe easton is a major sponsor for the Rock Lobster cx team.
    Easton stuff just looks at home on a RL.

    enough about components, love the frame, nice work Mr. Sadoff

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