Little Seth Sherlock not only has a cool name but the rad skills to match!


  1. The reason is ball size is actually inverse to actual ball size. When your at that age fear of killing yourself is never an issue.

  2. Am I the only one that is kind of aghast that a 10 year old’s parents are keen on him taking such risks? Sure he’s awesome, but doesn’t seem uber responsible to me.

    Granted, they do live in Squamish so long-term career aspirations are limited to pro-rider or snowboarder or as a fall-back, professional hang outside the liquorstore-er.

  3. Encouraging things at a young age like cycling is good parenting. I dont think his age is an issue here. His skill level clearly mitigate risk more than all the fat dads on this forum. 🙂 shred on. Love this edit. He is bouncing all over the trail, this technical riding is awesome!!!!!!

  4. Smells like jelly in here. Lots of jelly.

    Stop hating on the kid or his parents, he’s got skills and balls for days. In a world full of ‘everybody wins’ and ‘no juice boxes after a soccer game’ this is refreshing.

    Ride hard!

  5. This is why mountain biking is a much better sport than soccer. Instead of learning to flop cos some kid looked at him funny, he’s riding harder than 95% of us adults. And taking his lumps like a champ.

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