Foundry Tomahawk 275 carbon hardtail20130918_0150

Introduced as a colorful prototype at Saddle Drive, Foundry’s entry into the 27.5″ world was shown in production trim at Interbike. Called the Tomahawk, the carbon hard tail is geared towards racing. After trying out a few different finishes with their prototype, the production bike is back to Foundry’s carbon heavy aesthetic with muted graphics.

Foundry Tomahawk 275 carbon hardtail20130918_0149

Other than the color change, not much is different from the prototype that we rode at Saddle Drive. The Tomahawk fits the Foundry Ethos – high performance but fairly understated.

Foundry Tomahawk 275 carbon hardtail20130918_0152 Foundry Tomahawk 275 carbon hardtail20130918_0151

The Foundry Tomahawk sees a BB92 press fit bottom bracket and a 142x12mm Syntace style thru axle with dedicated vertical dropouts. There will be two complete builds as well as a frameset offered through QBP – a $3175 SLX build, and a $4050 X01 build seen here, while the frame and headset will retail for $2050.


  1. It looks exactly like one of the most popular models of direct from China frames. It probably also weights and works exactly like one. And costs to make. Paying $2k for it is inane.

  2. Totally agree with Mindless. Unless a person is a brand whore l see no reason to spend a crap ton of money on a expensive Ht. The asians have lots and lots of designs and carbon choices. A number of them have T1000 carbon frames. I love em bc they are a blank canvas for whatever my sicko mind can come up with.

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