Jet Black is an Australian brand that offers a range of bits for you and your bike, the highlight of which has been their trainers. We have one of the new models in on review now and will report on those soon. The big news for Interbike was their renewed push into the states in the hands of former Nite Rider marketing man Mike Ely.

The latest goodie he showed off was the new Race Rack, a heavy duty but highly portable bike rack that’s perfect for teams, shops and demo fleets. Retail is $249 and it’ll hold up to 330 pounds. You can fit about six road bikes on it, and about four mountain bikes easily (you could wiggle more in there). Among the standout features are that it’s about 4″ taller than similar models to make it easier to wheel tall bikes underneath it, particularly when there are already several bikes on it.

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It’s a snap-in-place assembly design with hooks on either end for backpacks, helmets, etc. Set up takes all of two minutes.


Perhaps the best part is how small it packs down. Included foam cradles hold the poles, then the whole assembly fits in a durable carrying sack.


The new Jetbox straps around the top tube and headtube/steerer spacers and uses a magnetic flap closure for quick, effortless access to gels or whatever while riding.


  1. I’m so glad someone finally found a way to charge $250 for something we all make out of 2×4’s or 1.5″ PVC for about $25!

  2. Rack lenghth looks small compared to the feedback sports model. Always surprised when someone enters a market with a product with less functionality for an equivalent price. The feedback model is 9′ foot long, holds a ton of bikes, super easy to set up and packs/sets-up in about 30 seconds.


  3. @Jason: That’s even less of a reason to put those “downhill” pedals on; short rides are totally fine with normal shoes and SPDs. It’s not like you need to “commute” from your vehicle to the display area for a few miles of rolling terrain.

  4. Bikes in display normally will have cheap platform pedals if anybody want’s to test ride and get the feel of the bike! Now if you wanna text ride it with egg beaters and bust your balls…please go ahead! Ha

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