If you race at the top end you need top end stuff. Now the top end stuff just got that much better. Zipp calls it an improvement of the “coolness-to-weight ratio.” That’s “coolness” as in awesomeness not temperature, just in case you were wondering. Zipp past the break for closeups of the awesome ratio…


It’s named Impress Technology – direct printing onto carbon-fiber instead of decals. The claimed results are a decrease in weight and an increase in durability, not to mention an unfathomable array of graphics possibilities. Reynolds recently moved to printing logos on the wheels instead of decals, but Zipp appears to have taken it to the next level with fully customizable graphics – though no mention if customers will have the option for custom graphics at this time.


Those at the top end already using the new tech are Sebastian Kienle who took first at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship this year and last, Omega Pharma – Quick-Step Cycling Team and Team Saxo-Tinkoff.


Now this technology is finally available (late November) to us mere mortals. It will initially be available only on the limited edition 1155g Zipp Super-9 Carbon Clincher Disc (assuming $2,500 is in your budget). But seeing as the pros are using the Impress Technology on other models it’s highly likely we’ll see it disperse throughout Zipp’s line-up.


  1. “The claimed results are a decrease in weight” How does it decrease weight? Is this just in comparison to using stickers? If you are the type who removes the stickers, which is possible with non-printed logos, wouldn’t it increase weight?

  2. ITU Long and Short course champions have been using the rainbow stripes for a while now, but here, Sebastian Kienle is NOT the long course champion. I believe he won the 70.3 (short) course championship.

    So not only is it “unofficial” to use the rainbow stripes, it is improper to use them at a long course triathlon. TT World Champions don’t sport the rainbow stripes in a road race and vice versa.

  3. I wager those UCI chaps are pacing the room all night tonight. Why, how dare that [deleted]?!?! I SAY, HOW DARE HEEEEE!!!!

    He’ll never get away with this. At least not as long as Ben and I have an internet connection. In fact, I’m gonna let this get to me. Hell, I might let it ruin my day even. *wanders off, muttering…..*

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