Specialized Womens Triathalon Live EventDear lady triathletes, tomorrow at 10 AM EDT would be a good time to sneak away from the office (or carefully position your monitor) and visit the Specialized website for a live product launch of their latest and greatest. Click here to register. The password is aero1974.

We tried to twist some arms for more info but the Specialized Marketing team put up a stone cold wall of silence. All we know is that the  first official triathlon was run (swam/biked?) in Mission Bay, Southern California in 1974 and that #AeroIsEverything.



  1. No offense at all to the ladies because there is nothing better than girls that ride and i fully support that, but a ladies specific live product launch???? I haven’t even seen a mens specific live product launch and I know men dominate this sport. Just curious why they think this marketing will work better for women? (if thats what they are thinking)

  2. Engineer, almost all product launches for bikes, saddles, shorts etc are for men’s items by default. If there’s a female specific product it will get a special mention, but usually, there isn’t. How often do you see a product launch that is 100% female specific stuff?

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