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Easily one of the best booths at this year’s show, Ryders Eyewear were showing off their new VT3 technology – Visual Time Travel Technology! Thanks to the masterminds behind Ryders’ lenses, while wearing them you can see exactly where you will be in the future, but turn around and you can see exactly where you started from in the past. Amazing right? To sell this amazing new technology Ryders had a DeLorean on display as well as outfits from the future. Their point? Simply that there are a lot of lens “technologies” that amount to little more than marketing. That, and it was pretty amusing.

They did have some actual new products on hand though, like the new Face after the break.

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The Face is a current Ryders model but it will soon be offered in a goggle/glass combination with a removable foam gasket around the perimeter.

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The foam gasket concept has been done before but it allows for goggle like protection from sand, wind, mud, etc.

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The gasket is easily and completely removable and leaves a standard pair of Faces underneath.

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The Trapper is available in some new colors and shades, but more importantly was used to demonstrate Ryders’ frame’s durability. I’m aware that TR90 Grilamid frames are pretty tough, but I’ve never tried to break a pair like a wishbone at Thanksgiving. When I was told to hold on as we pulled on each temple of the glasses, I wasn’t expecting how much force they were going to put into it and nearly yanked me off my feet. After that, the glasses bounced right back into shape. Pretty impressive.


  1. So they rented a Delorian and bought some clearance Halloween costumes to convince me I should buy an inferior product because “marketing”? Nice try.

  2. So Doug, are you an Oakley or Smith Fanboy/Troll or do you live your life resistant to influence and marketing…? Otherwise, nothing inferior about Ryders other that not having to pay for absurd marketing and “luxury” add-on costs. You keep payin and keep those fancy blinders on, mon ami;-)

  3. Keep it positive or informative. @Doug is a useless troll.

    Ryder’s is a good real company doing what they want to make. Lots of good, value and affordable quality.

  4. Ok, let me spell it out for you. A quick look at their website provides the same amount of marketing buzzwords and colorful photography without any of the substantive information you can find on the sites of the two provided comparative companies: Oakley and Smith. It’s one thing to say “shatterproof” but another thing to have actual ANSI standards listed as both Oakley and Smith provide.

    Also, with Smith it seems like some are US made and some are Chinese. Same with Oakley. Most of the sunglasses are made in the US. I think the newer Frogskins LX are Japanese, but a bulk of their prescription frames are made in China. Most of those don’t even end up with Oakley lenses anyway. Not that I obsess about country of origin for all products, but we’re talking about tech for a niche product, not something like electronics or carbon frames that asian companies do very, very well (Mostly Taiwan).

    So in short: if they want to put on some ridiculous thrift store finds, rent a Delorian and then make fun of “marketing” from other companies when the same marketing is present on their website (except for, you know, substantive information) to fool people into thinking they have a product of equal quality that they can suddenly sell at half the price of everyone else, then good for them. I’m not buying it.

  5. I think we are all missing the most important part…And that is the fact these dudes partied way hard and passed out in the delorian at interbike. Professionalism at its finest 🙂

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