A big thanks to everyone who voted for their favorite custom road bike build in the C-Bear contest. Alchemy’s Belgian themed Helios, built by their quasi-in house bike shop Nie Brothers, took the win, but Parlee’s Z-Zero and Signature Cycles put up a good fight. As far as we’re concerned, the real winners are Bart and Ard because they get to ride them!

Oh, and two more real winners will get their very own C-Bear ceramic bearing bottom brackets. If you voted and put in a legit email address, check your inbox over the next few days. If you get an email, details to respond and claim your prize will be in the note. Click past the break for links to all the partners in this promotion and past posts showing off the bikes!

Part One: Parlee Z-Zero x Signature Cycles

Part Two: Alchemy Helios x Nie Brothers

Sprocket Scientist
Signature Cycles
Nie Brothers


  1. OH SMACK!

    Does this mean most Alchemy fans sit around doing bong hits while participating in silly internet polls while Parlee fans are out working their day jobs and riding their bikes?

    Ps, i didn’t vote but I am on the internet doing bo….

  2. I didn’t vote either. I think the poll is odd because I think you should have to ride on each of these bikes with your ideal geo in order to really test which bike best met the requirements that each of the bike owners wanted.

    On the opther hand it was fun to see the projects in photos and it seemed to be good coverage for the bike shops.

  3. Finally, the heavier bike wins! This would have been 100% Alchemy if the frame was steel. Regardless, those brakes are going to get someone killed, man.

  4. Killed?? =O Those are the TRP HY/RDs, which could have some of the best power and modulation of any brake you can get for normal road levers – I wouldn’t knock them so quickly!

  5. erikv,
    i agree, the alchemy paint job was a cheap shot.

    But then again i have always though alchemy’s look kind of bland as far as a custom bike goes.

  6. Still, I have to say both bikes were *amazing. The Alchemy made me drool a little bit, but they totally sucker punched me with that paint job. I want it.

  7. I’ve owned bikes from both builders, and have have to deal with customer service extensively in both cases; and I will say that Alchemy’s customer service beats Parlee’s by a country mile. Literally two ends of the spectrum in customer satisfaction here.

  8. John M, the fact that you “have to deal with customer service extensively in both cases”
    sounds to me like both products sucked in some way or another regardless of how good or bad the service. what was wrong?

  9. @1pro it’s a good possibility that if John Mitchell had to deal with customer service that extensively from 2 companies that pride themselves on great customer service, that he may have been the problem. I’ve had only great experiences with Parlees customer service. Great buying experience.

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