VUcedol (119 of 211)

Photo submitted by Gordan, “This was taken on Vučedol XC race we organized on our trail last month. This part of the forrest was infested for 20 years with land mines left from the 1991 civil war. Two years ago it was cleaned and now we’ve built a sick trail to ride and share! : )”

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  1. You’re a pretty bad a$$ biker in my book if you ride anywhere where the word “landmine” can be used. Even if it is in the past tense.

  2. Ha! tratincica, gives a whole new meaning to DNF!
    But seriously, props to the folks who risked their lives to clear those gawd-awful devices. If I ever meet you, I’ll buy you a beer.

  3. Good on you guys. I had a visit to Croatia a few years ago and was constantly shocked at the “Beware- potential minefield ahead” signs when hiking. All in the middle of gorgeous, amazing landscapes. Those things are one of mankind’s worst inventions.

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