Originally conceived as a feel good movie called The Road Back about Lance Armstrong’s comeback for an 8th post-cancer Tour de France bid, Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney began putting together a movie in 2008. In fact, he was just about to wrap in 2011 when Tyler Hamilton’s 60 Minutes interview went live. Now, five years after starting, it’s close to release and comes with a significantly different tone. And a new title.

The Armstrong Lie follows him through his 2009 attempt at Le Tour, through his ultimate confession on Oprah Winfrey’s show and for some time after. The result is the movie teased above. Check the full press conference from the Toronto International Film Festival below…

Skip ahead to 11:50 for the beginning of the press conference, or about 12:30 to see some ridiculous shoulder poofs on Sarah Silverman.


  1. is there go pro footage of the morning of the oprah atonement? no? then will be using my movie money on the 2013 redbull rampage dvd instead.

  2. Can we just accept that he was the best doper of his era and move on?

    I didn’t start riding bikes because he’s some hero of mine, and I won’t stop riding because he’s now fallen from grace.

  3. Regardless of what you think of the man, the film was just shown at the Vancouver International Film Festival, and my friends who saw said it was an excellent film.

  4. @Matt – my shop has been helping out with a livestrong event for the past few years that benefits cancer victims. Last year (pre oprah confession) rider turnout was around 3500 people. This year it was around 850. Maybe your cycling fervor doesn’t depend on lance, but for a lot of casual riders it did.

    And if you don’t hate him for that, how bout for suing innocent people for millions of dollars (and winning) when they tried to expose his doping? Many victims of his lawsuits are still on the hook for payments from lawsuits that he brought against them, even though he’s essentially admitted to doping.

  5. What about the children!!!

    Cheat and win and don’t get caught your a winner.
    loose and your a looser.
    Cheat and get caught your a looser!!

    What about the children!!!

    Ha HA!!!!

  6. My take: all TdF racers cheat, Armstrong was forced to admit that he cheated under ernormous pressure.

    Think Higgins or Froome were 100% clean? Give it a few more years when they’re under intense spotlight to admit cheating…

  7. Top kids in HS football and some wrestling’s use PHD’s. They did when I was in HS and talking w/ the football star down the street, most on his team have tried or currently use them. All college football, some wrestling, cycling, baseball, swimming, runners, etc… use PHD’s. All pros in most sports use PHD’s. It’s not about one guy or a sport, it’s across all top level athletes in HS, college, pros. If you want to compete with the best, you are using PHD’s to do so. I’m just saying it’s a fact and we all need to quite wondering if people are using; most are using, some are not but it’s deep in all sports from kids to pros. As for testing, Football has the least, cycling and olympics have the toughest so they stand out the most as rampant cheaters.

  8. When I was in HS and a serious D1 Football prospect I had several well known Football players (now in the HOF) tell me point blank to use PHD’s to get to their level. No hesitation, no question.
    I actually regret not doing it sometimes.

    I find the uproar over PHD’s to be dishonest and motivated by a sort of delusional sense of purity people have about their superstar sports idols. Get over it.
    Most every cyclist since the Merckx and Tommy Simpson days has been using something illegal, as it is an excruciatingly brutal event with lots of dollars at stake.
    If you want to clean it up for good make it shorter with more recovery time. Otherwise, shut up.
    Lance was a douche for sure. Maybe the biggest douche. But he is no worse or better than the countless other riders who have been caught using or those other countless who did use and just didn’t get caught.

  9. chasejj, I’m with you on people need to “get over it”. At this point it’s the cost of doing business in high level sports. People may not like it but it’s just a fact and it’s here to stay. Testing gets better, masking gets better as well. The sport of football blissfully look a blind eye and could care less if players are using PHD.

  10. It’s not about the drugs. It’s about his ego.

    Anyone who has ever been caught with their pants down did not have the paper and pull to intimidate like Lance did and simply make accusations go away.

    Your ego is not your amigo.

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