Shinola Runwell Di2

Shinola bikes is a company producing bikes with classic styling out of the Motor City by way of Wisconsin. Each frame is hand-built at the famous Waterford plant and then built up at the company’s beautiful Detroit headquarters.

The company manufactures each of their three models – the Bixby, step-through Bixby, and Runwell – in small batches of 10 SKUs. All the frames, colors, and components spec where chosen by Sky Yeager.

At Interbike, Shinola was showcasing their new limited edition Di2 Runwell. This elegant townie has all the fixings and the accompanying price tag. Commute past the break to learn more…

Shinola Runwell Di2 Cockpit

Up front, an Alfine 11 speed Di2 lever and hydraulic brake set butt against Shinola leather grips. Meaty 160mm rotors front and rear provide plenty of stopping power rain or shine.

Shinola Front Basket and Custom Light Mount

An Alfine Pro hub powers a surprisingly bright 305 lumin Supernova E2 Pro front light. Out back, a PDW FenderBot keeps you visible to passing motorists.

Shinola Di2 Internal Routing Port and Dropout detail

The Di2 Cables are internally routed. Trademark “S” dropouts are laser cut in Detroit. Not shown but also built in Detroit by Shinola are the leather saddles that adorn each bike.Shinola Runwell DI2 GeometryThe Di2 Runwell is available in three sizes and will set you back $4,500. Only ten will be produced so you better hurry and order through their website or your local LBS.

Shinola Willy Womens Bixpy

Shinola isn’t just a one trick pony. They also make several other beautiful goods which where tastefully displayed in this beautiful truck. Once upon a time, the company’s headquarters  was the birth place of Willy Jeeps, so the company picked up a fully restored garage queen and made it into this amazing showroom piece. In the bed are his and hers Bixby models and behind the gate…

Shinola Leather goods and watches

A selection of their handmade leather goods and watches. All of which where hand made and assembled in the United States.

For more, Visit Shinola


  1. Need more pics of that truck! But seriously, cool looking city bike! I like the Shinola vibe, just not the price tag. But that’s how a small American company has to do it these days.

  2. Every time I see Shinola I think, “What a nice looking bike, but I bet I could build the same thing for less if I just called Waterford and pieced it together.”

    Then I realize that being a bike nerd I might not their target market. The target market, based on my observation, is someone who has the who has a love design, wants a bike to ride around the town, would never consider building a bike part by part, and lastly owns a lakefront home on Mackinac Island or some other equally exclusive place.

  3. I love how everyone thinks that the Shinola bike is over priced. The least expensive frame Waterford makes is $1500, add to that the $375 fork and youre almost at the price of the entire Shinola bike before you add the options that the frame includes. Add internal cable routing for the brake and 2 color paint and you are over the retail price of the Shinola bike. So be fair everyone. You are getting a well made bike, great aesthetics, and a company that gives even bike geeks something to lust after. Just remember where your carbon road bike was made and how much it cost…

  4. You could buy a handmade bike from Taiwan or China for an 1/8 or less of the cost.
    Sad that hand made bicycles in USA are less quality than what is hand made in Asia. I just cant get past the flexy and heavy plate style drop-outs most of these guys use and charge so much for. nice compact forged drop-outs from asia and dialed lower cost butted steel all cut and welded no differently than the skinny jeaned hipsters made near Canada

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