Spotted on Cam Zink’s Facebook page, this new Hyper DH bike features the same clean lines and “reverse moto link” (Single pivot, floating shock) suspension system found on the new trail bike Hyper debuted at Sea Otter.

Cam’s bike features an XX1 front ring, proto rear derailleur (which is likely the same one Steve Smith and other Blackbox athletes have been seen sporting at DH World Cup races), and 26″ wheels.

This rampage bike is a on-off made specifically for Cam Zink. According to Eric Carter, Hyper’s Product Manager and all around legend, the planned production model will sport 27.5″ wheels – although the company is testing both options and might make a 26″ version available depending on market interest. So let them know what you think in the comments!

Since this is a prototype, the numbers aren’t set in stone, but this bike pictures has 8″ of travel, a 64 degree head angle, and a 13.5″ BB. The bike currently doesn’t offer adjustable geometry but that may change as they get closer to production. Cam’s bike is quite literally the first proto to hit the dirt. We can’t wait to see how these two perform when they touch down in Virgin, Utah for Redbull Rampage later this month!

More details and pictures as we get


  1. I’d be much more worried about all those concussions cam has endured if he was going off the oaklye sender with a 24″ front and 26″ rear. The most plausible explanation is that the picture was taken with a potato and you are tripping on acid. As a vasoconstrictor, acid makes the blood vessels in the eye distort the shape of the retina, making things appear to increase and decrease in size. Maybe you didn’t even realize that you are on acid, because somebody dosed your food or drink. It’s a good excuse to have handy, at any rate.

  2. I’d be more worried of his cranks snapping and killing everyone at the rampage site than the wheel size. And no chain guide? He’s crazy.

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