Remember our tour of Trek’s headquarters where we saw a brand new automated paint booth that was just being installed? It was hinted that it would mean an increase in Project One capabilities in the near future, and Trek looks to making good on that promise. Having just recently reopened Project One to mountain bikes, the most exciting part of the latest news may be the ability to order a Project One aluminum Fuel EX 29er – one of the few instances where an aluminum rather than carbon bike could be customized.

Along with new frame options, the updates include new choices for mountain bike drivetrains to compliment the builds. Check it out after the break.

Trek Expands Project One Again, An Alloy Fuel EX 29er Makes the Cut
Trek’s new paint booth is a modern marvel, unfortunately it wasn’t yet operational last winter so we couldn’t see it in action.

TK13_P1_Domane_4Series TK13_P1_SpeedConcept_7Series

In addition to the Fuel EX 29, Madone 4 Series and Speed Concept 7 Series are added to the list as well as the Domane 4. These new bikes along with Sram’s X01 and X9 plus Shimano SLX drivetrain options for mountain bikes all help to bring the price of Project One bikes to more attainable price points. The entry point to a Project One customized bicycle is now nearly $1,800 less than before. If you’re keeping track, this means there are now 17 different models (not including WSD versions) that are open to your choice of color, style, component, and size.


  1. I’d love to replace my aging Fuel with a newer one, but not until Trek issues an apology to Greg Lemond. Their handling of the whole situation was astonishingly terrible, and still is.

  2. Zap: Seriously? Get over it already. There’s way bigger issues to worry about.
    This is awesome news for Project One. That website is to blame for hours of unproductive time at work. New lower priced options FTW. Are these all still going to be painted and assembled in WI?

  3. Zap – I agree with you completely. I will not buy any Trek product for that exact reason. Maybe, if they issue an apology…………..

  4. @wako, welded in asia, painted in wisconsin, assembled at your LBS.

    if you have never seen a P1 bike come out of a box, they are a frame with some parts loosely attached, cables and housing in a roll, and the last P1 mountain we got even had an uncut steerer tube. Here we like it a lot better because it’s done right the first time and we don’t have to undo anything before we start the build.

  5. I would really like to buy one of those new fuels. They look really nice. I will resist the tentation until (if ever) they go back to threaded bottom brackets. I hate that press fit crap.

  6. @Colin:
    Actually I work at a LBS, and I agree that it is nice for people like us to finish off the build to the final specs of the customer and to spend the time to make all adjustments perfect. Still, I like how Trek is using US workers to ‘initially’ assemble the bike and to put it all together. Who else can say that and even compare to the pricepoints offered?

  7. Dear Project One,

    You will tempt my business only when you expand the options to include the slash and session. Thanks for playing.

  8. talmage, be patient, if you remember to when they relaunched this new version of project one, there were 2 options for bikes, 6 series Madone and 5 Series Madone, now there are 17 (not including WSD) I think, now that Trek has made the investment in these paint machines, they won’t leave we enough alone and in a few years time you’ll be able to get everything, just about, as a P1.

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