C-Bear Signature Cycles and Parlee Z-Zero custom road bike build competition C-Bear build off with Nie Brothers bike shop and Alchemy Helios custom disc brake road bike

This week, we presented two full custom road bikes sponsored by C-Bear ceramic bearings and their US distributor Sprocket Scientist. On the left is the Parlee Z-Zero x Signature Cycles project. On the right, the Nie Brothers x Alchemy Helios. Click the links to check out the complete builds and details, then tap that little button (pop-up window, just in case you have those things blocked) to vote for your favorite.

Why vote? Assuming you use a legit email address, you’ll be entered to win a C-Bear bottom bracket solution for your own bike worth $120 to $180 depending on model!

And check out the brands and builders behind the contest below…

Sprocket Scientist
Signature Cycles
Nie Brothers


  1. It is honestly too hard to pick a winner out of these two. It was quite interesting and enjoyable though, to read about each build’s custom requirements and to see how they turned out.

    Good job to all the guys involved in these bikes.

  2. I think you should add a short description to each bike in the survey, in case people get Alchemy as the first option, but see Parlee as the first picture.

    Something simple like the green one and the blue one.

  3. “Voting is open to anyone in any location, but winners must be residents of the United States of America”… Is that silly or not? 🙁

  4. @yesPlease, I was unaware that Ritte owned the rights to the colors of the belgian flag. The Parlee has cool subtle touches that I like. The Alchemy is a little too loud…and this build-off had too many set parameters.

  5. Don’t be such a bleeding heart, money is never wasted on art like this… and besides, as far as advertising dollars go this is proving to be money WELL spent for everyone involved.

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