2014 Moots Vamoots Disc brake road bike

We broke the news about the Vamoots Disc this summer while visiting their factory in Colorado, and there are plenty of frame detail photos in that post.

Now, though, the bike is out in the wild and available to order. The frame is about the same weight as the standard Vamoots, but with a few tweaks. The monostay rear end allows for bent tubes and better tire clearance.

Retail is $3,350 for the frame only, and you can order up the usual gamut of custom touches or even go for full custom geometry…

2014 Moots Vamoots Disc brake road bike

They’ve thankfully switched to post mount rear brakes with replaceable thread inserts. Much better than the IS mounts on models from just a year or two ago.

2014 Moots Vamoots Disc brake road bike

The Vamoots Disc is shown on the left, in contrast to the standard twin-seat tube Vamoots road bike on the right. It’s designed to fit up to 700×30 depending on tire. The tubes are thinwall and smaller diameter than what’s on their ‘cross bikes, though, so it’s still primarily meant for pavement.

Not shown, the Psychlo-X cyclocross bike gets a few tweaks to further separate it from the race-ready Psychlo-X RSL and make it more well rounded. This opens it up to use as a fast commuter as well as a gravel racer. And still work as a ‘cross bike, too.

It’ll have a longer 450mm chainstay length option, which lets them open up the spacing a bit for up to 700×40 tire clearance. It also gets a bit slacker angles, 5mm lower BB and 44mm headtube as standard. The seat tube bumps up from 1-1/4″ diameter to 1-3/8″, which provides a bit more landing area for the welds at the BB but maintains the 27.2 seatpost compatibility.



  1. I really love MOOTS but man sometimes it makes you wonder about the pricing… I’m not saying it’s not worth it; but it’s still expensive.

  2. Nice! I don’t know about those dropout though. I hate those hooded Wright dropouts. You can’t put the lever in the 9’oclock to 12’oclock position if you want to.

    And, what happened to Moots doing these disc dropouts with the removable thus axle dropout so that a rider can chose if they want to use 142×12 thru axle dropouts or 135mm dropouts? Don’t make me pay extra for that!

  3. @Rivet, i am well aware of erikson and moots relationship, and have seen erikson frames and AGREE with you on his build quality.

    It was a generalized statement about MOOTS build quality and that it must be seen to appreciate vs pictures online. BR readers can be a touchy bunch.

  4. Re: Erikson, I was planning to purchase a frame from them about two years ago, but when I looked at their bikes at NHBS, I was not at all impressed. Welds were not very nice and build quality was not what I expected for something in that price range. So I went with a Moots Psychlo-X w/disc brakes and custom geometry and am very happy with my choice. Build quality, fit and ride are all fantastic.

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